How many Luxurious stadiums Qatar have built for FIFA World Cup 2022?

The twenty-second edition of the World’s most prestigious football event, FIFA World Cup, is less than 60 days remaining. This is the first time a global soccer event is happening in the Arab region. And it will be the most impact, allowing fans to enter the stadiums more than one game day. Let’s get details about these luxurious and eco-friendly stadiums in this article.

Qatar has built eight luxurious and eco-friendly stadiums for the tournament. Only around 20,000-25,0000 seats will last in Qatar for its domestic entertainment needs.

They feature solar-powered cooling technologies which keep the temperature at 27C. They also have separate fan zone and officials’ rooms.

FIFA World Cup 2022  logo
FIFA World Cup 2022 official logo. Source: FIFA

Qatar is a small country lies in Western Asia, and it has below 3 million citizens. To continue the legacy of the World Cup, Qatar must be very careful when managing the event. FIFA also ordered the host country to use modular elements to build stadiums.

So that they will reconfigure after the tournament and provide to other countries. Qatar and FIFA have signed an MOU that around 170,000 seats will disassemble. Then, they hand over to developing countries to enhance their sports infrastructure.

Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium is a recently built stadium that lies in Al Khor city of Qatar. It opened on 30 November 2021 with the first group of the 2021 Arab Cup, where Qatar and Bahrain played.

It is one of the second-largest stadiums in Qatar World Cup. And in this stadium, World Cup’s opening ceremony will happen. Followed by the first match between Qatar and Ecuador will play on 20 November 2022.

World Cup stadium-Al Bayt
Al Bayt Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

This stadium is on the Persian Gulf which is roughly 40 kilometers north of Doha. Al Bayt has a capacity of 60,000 seats and will host group matches, a round of 16, a quarter-final, and a semi-final match.

It has named after Bayt al sha’ar-tents which was historically used by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Arab region. Later, the upper part of this stadium will dissemble, and those seats will donate to other nations.

Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium is the largest stadium prepared for the Winter World Cup. It has close to 80,000 seat capacity and is planned for the final of the tournament. Lusail Stadium also hosts 5 group matches, a round of 16, a quarter-final, a semi-final, and the final match.

world cup stadium-Lusail
Lusail Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

It is located in the Al Daayen section in Lusail City. Fans will reach there via upgraded roads, Doha Metro, or direct Lusail Light Rail Transit system. It is nearly 20 kilometers from central Doha.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium lies at Al Rayyan which is outside of Doha. It has 40,000 seat capacity and used modular elements forming an upper tier in time for the Qatar World Cup.

Qatar World Cup stadium-Ahmad Bin Ali
Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

It reflects Qatar’s culture through its “spectacular undulating façade”. One can reach there from central Doha via the metro. It will host 5 group matches and a round of 16.

Khalifa International Stadium

It is one of the oldest stadiums in Qatar. It was built in 1976 and renovated and expanded to host the 2006 Asian Games. Khalifa International Stadium features Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence and ASPETAR Sports Medicine Hospital.

Qatar World Cup-Khalifa international stadium
Khalifa International Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

Likewise, Hamad Aquatic Centre, and other sporting venues. The Khalifa Stadium will host Group matches, a round of 16, and third place play-off game. One can reach there via Metro from central Doha.

Al Janoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium is located in Al Wakrah city of Qatar. One can reach there via Uber/OLA or metro and roughly 18 kilometers far from Doha.

Qatar World Cup stadium-Al Janoub
Al Janoub Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

It features a cycling and horse trail, shops, restaurants, and sports clubs. Furthermore, it has 40,000 seats and will be reduced to 20,000 after the World Cup. Al Janoub will use it for their Qatar Stars League matches. It will host group matches and round of 16.

Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium (Qatar Foundation Stadium) lies in Al Rayyan city. It has a capacity of 40,000 and takes the form of a jagged diamond. It is middle in the several Universities and Colleges and opened in 2020. One can reach via Uber/Ola from central Doha in a 14 kilometers drive.

Qatar world Cup stadium-Education City
Education Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

The stadium was built by the joint effort of the Supreme Committee and the Qatari Foundation. After the tournament is over, the 15000 seats will donate to developed nations. And the rest will entertain by student athletic teams.

Stadium 974

Formerly famous as Ras Abu Aboud Stadium is one of eight stadiums Qatar has prepared for the World Cup. Apart from this, the 974 Stadium is made of modular building blocks. It has 40,000 capacity seats for the tournament.

Qatar World Cup stadium-974
974 Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

It lies on the shore of the Gulf nearby Hamad International Airport. One can reach there via OLA/Uber at two kilometers distance from the National Museum of Qatar. Stadium 974 will host group matches and round of 16. The 974 Stadium will completely dismantle, and the materials will be re-utilized.

Al Thumana Stadium

Al Thumana Stadium is decorated with traditional Safiya (the cap worn under the Ghutra and Egal) in the Arab region. It shows the commonality among the Arab world. The stadium also continues the historical legacy of Arabic culture.

Qatar world Cup stadium-Al thumana
Al Thumana Stadium of Qatar World Cup. Source:

The stadium is nearby southern Doha and one can reach it. It is a couple of minutes far from Hamad International Airport. The Stadium has 40,000 seats and will reduce to 20,000 after the tournament.

Then, the remaining will deploy to other nations. It opened in the Amir Cup final between Al-Assad and Al-Rayyan. The stadium will host group matches, round of 16, and a quarter-final.

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