FIFA World Cup 2022 Brazil National Team|History

Brazil national team-Brazil’s national football team (Seleção Brasileira de Futebol) is the most successful team in the soccer world. It is the only country that has participated in each World. Brazil has produced many legendary footballers including Pele, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho.

There is no other country in the world that is more successful than Brazil. It has won five World Championships trophies and nine Copa America trophies as of 2022. Let’s explore the history of Brazil’s national team, Major tournament history, legendary players, and the Qatar World Cup, squad.

Brazilian Football’s Brief History

Early Beginnings

For Brazilian people, football is a culture and a crucial part of their lives. Brazil began playing football in the early 1880s. A Scottish immigrant Thomas Donohoe introduced football in Brazil. As per the history, in April 1894, nearby Donohoe’s workplace, the first match was played.

Then, many clubs formed unofficially and started playing with English men. In 1910, they invited the English club Corinthians and after their return, Brazil established the club of the same name.

Born of CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation)

Finally, in 1914, Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) was born. The same year, Brazil played their first international match against neighboring country Argentina. Brazil lost by three goals to them. After two years, it participated in the first season of Copa America and finished third.

Brazil first national team at 1914
Brazil national team in 1914. Source: Wikipedia

Brazil received early success in the third season when it beat Uruguay in the finals. In the next year’s tournament, Uruguay destroyed Brazil with six nil.

1916 Copa America team of Brazil
Brazil team at 1916 Copa America. Source: Wikipedia

Furthermore, it finished second in the 1921 Championship. And in 1922, Brazil regained the title for the second time.

First World Cup

In the 1930 FIFA inaugural World Cup, Brazil received an invitation to take part. Then, the team went to Montevideo of Uruguay. But, the Brazilian team did not perform well and did not make it to the knockout stage.

Brazil national team at 1930 World Cup
1930 World Cup team of Brazil. Source: Wikiwand

Furthermore, Brazil became the only South American country to represent in the Italy World Cup. His neighbors Uruguay, Argentina, and other South American countries refused. Due to FIFA’s decision to conduct World in Europe back to back.


Post-World War II, Brazil did little progress in its games and became Copa America Championship runner-up twice. In 1949, the Brazilian team won their third championship title after twenty-seven years. A Brazilian forward Jair scored nine goals in the tournament and played a vital role to win the competition.

Brazil national tam at 1950 World Cup
1950 World Cup finals team Brazil and Uruguay captain. Source: FIFA

The team’s glory did not stop there, next year Brazil hosted the fourth edition of the FIFA World Cup. During the championship, Brazilian future star Ademir showed his magical skills and scored 9 goals. Eventually, Brazil came out second in the row behind Uruguay who was crowned the winner of the competition.

The Battle of Berne

After losing the finals against Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup. Brazil renovated with the team colors changed from all white to the yellow, blue, and green of the national flag.

Due to their attacking skills and good team game, Brazil reached the quarter-final. And in the quarter-finals, Brazil was destroyed by then tournament favorites Hungary. That game was one of the ugliest matches in football history it later became famous as the Battle of Berne.

Brazil vs Hungary fight in 1954 World Cup
The Battle of Berne (Brazil vs Hungary fight in 1954 World Cup). Source: Kafkadesk

According to the journalists and commentators, the pitch was slippery, and eventually, players started fighting with each other. Even Police came into the stadium to manage the situation. FIFA did not take any actions and left discipline to the respective countries.

Whereas, a referee only dismissed three players two from Brazil and one from Hungary. When the final whistle played, Brazilian players, officials, and fans started fighting with Hungarians.

The Rise of the Pele (1958 World Cup Champion)

After the last World Cup incident, Brazil made some strict rules on the squad for the next World Cup held in Sweden. The national team also brought up psychologists to the training camp. Because the Last World Cup trauma still affected some players.

In that tournament future legend, Pele also came as a backup player for the Brazilian side. Brazil was drawn into a group containing England, Austria, and the Soviet Union. They won the first match against Austria and drew the second match against England. And in the third match, coach Vicente Feola made three substitutions (Pele, Zito, and Garrincha) to win against the Soviets.

Brazil national team at 1958 World Cup
1958 World Cup champion team Brazil. Source: Sport Co

Brazil won the game 2-0. And in the quarter-final, Brazil defeated Wales with Pele’s only goal. Likewise, Brazil defeated France in the semifinals and set up the finals with the host nation Sweden. And in the final, Brazil created history.

Brazil won by 5-2, and it became the fourth nation to lift the World Cup trophy. At the age of seventeen, a new star was born who later became a legend of Brazilian football history.

Success Continues (1962 World Cup)

The Brazil Golden generation continued until the team reached the finals of the South American Championship in 1959. Despite Pele’s impeccable performance, Brazil came second in the tournament. Pele scored 8 goals and earned the highest goalscorer of the tournament. Then, the team went to Chili to participate in the 1962 World Cup.

Brazil national team at 1962 World Cup
1962 World Cup winning squad Brazil. Source:

When the competition began, Pele was the best-rated player in the world. But, Pele became injured in the next game against Czechoslovakia and remained unplayed for the rest of the tournament. Even, in Pele’s absence in the field, Brazil’s teams performed well. It successfully secured its title after beating Czechoslovakia in the final with Garrincha’s goal.

Fall of Pele and Brazil

Pele became the most well-known player in the world. During the 1966 World Cup, Brazil had the last World Champion players. Brazil had a high expectation to make a hat trick in the tournament’s final.

In the first group game, Pele scored a goal from a free kick against Bulgaria. After that, a Bulgarian player fouled him and caused him injury. Due to injury, he missed the second match against Hungary which eventually Brazil lost.

Then, Pele returned to the third match against Portugal. But, Portuguese player Joao Morals fouled Pele, but he was not sent off by a referee. Pele stayed on the field entire the rest of the game since substitution rules were not implemented at that time.

Hence, Brazil lost the game and was out of the tournament. Furthermore, Pele vowed he would never again play in the World Cup. Later, he changed the decision and played in the 1970 World Cup.

1970 World Cup

After Pele’s return to the team, Brazil conquered the 1970 World Cup qualifying matches and prepared for the tournament finals. In Brazilian football history, its Mexico world cup squad is the best World Cup squad ever. captain Carlos Alberto Torres, Jairzinho, Tostão, Gérson, Pele, and Rivellino were on the squad.

They ended the competition undefeated in all six matches. In the group round, Brazil won against Czechoslovakia, England, and Romania.

Likewise, they destroyed Peru and Uruguay in the semifinals. And in the finals, Brazil defeated Italy and was crowned the third World Cup. Pele finished the competition with four goals.

Brazil won the championship and became the first nation to hold three World Cups since its start in 1930. After that World Cup, Brazil needed to wait 24 years to win next.

1970 World Cup champion trophy
Brazil national team at 1970 World Cup. Source: ESPN

After the retirement of Pele and other World Champion members. Brazil was unable to defeat the Netherlands in the semifinal of the 1974 World Cup. It finished third after losing to Poland in the third-place match.

Likewise, they finished third in the Argentine World Cup in 1978. Then, Brazil’s performances declined until a new golden era started.

They only won the 1989 Copa between 1970-1990. After winning Copa Brazil went to Italy to win the World Cup a fourth time. But, they went home after the round of 16.

Second Golden Generation Era

In 1994, Brazil traveled to the USA with a new reinvented team. That includes Romario, Dunga, Taffarel, Jorginho and Bebeto. The Brazilian team reached the final after a long time.

Then, Brazil made victorious winning against Italy in a tiebreaker penalty. Hence, Brazil lifted the fourth trophy in World Cup football.

1994 World Champion team of Brazil
1994 World Cup Champion team of Brazil. Source: Cricketsoccer

Then, in 1998, Brazil went to France to secure its defending champion title. Brazil was a more powerful team in the tournament. A young Ronaldo also showed exceptional skills. Brazil once again reached the final and lost. Brazil returned with a Silver Medal.

In the 2002 World Cup, Brazil lifted its fifth championship. It became the solo team to win the World Cup fifth time. That World Cup lineup featured Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, and Dunga.

Brazil won the game after Ronaldo destroyed Germany with two goals. Ronaldo then won the Golden Boot as the highest scorer of the tournament.

2002 FIFA World Cup champion team
2002 FIFA World Cup winning team of Brazil. Source: Sportindepth

Brazil then participated in the 2001 FIFA Confederation Cup. But, could not surpass the group stage. Brazil was the 1997 champion and 1999 runner-up of the tournament.

The following year, Brazil won the 6th Copa America title. Likewise, it won the 2005 confederation Cup.

In the German World Cup (2006), defending champion Brazil was defeated in the quarter-finals. Immediately after the World Cup, CBF hired 1994 Champion captain Dunga as the manager of the team. After Dunga took leadership, he led the team into the 2007 Copa America and won. Then, he also won the 2009 Confederation Cup title.

Dunga then entered the 2010 South Africa World Cup aiming to become the World Champion’s sixth team. The team was also powerful and featured Kaka, Elano, Luis Fabiano, Dani Alves, and Robinho. But they were beaten by the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

Brazil national team at 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup
2013 FIFA Confederation team of Brazil. Source: Football Cartpholic

After the World Cup failure, Dunga left the post, and Mano Menezes was appointed as the new coach. He then participated in the 2011 Copa America and lost quarter-finals against Paraguay. And in 2013, 2002 World Cup-winning manager Luiz Felipe Scolari returned to the team. And won the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. He also led in the 2014 World Cup.

2014 World Cup Disaster

Brazil fans had high hopes that Brazil would lift the trophy on home ground. It started the tournament with a well. In the first match, Brazilian forward Neymar scored two goals and Oscar scored one against Croatia.

Brazil national team at 2014 World Cup
Brazil’s 2014 World Cup team. Source: Sportskeeda

And in the second game, Brazil drew with Mexico. Likewise, in the final group match, it defeated Cameroon, 4-1 with Neymar’s two goals and Fred and Fernandinho’s one goal. Then, Brazil beat rival Chile in the round of 16.

And in the quarter-final, the team defeated Colombia with two goals. Late in that game, Neymar met a knee injury and needed to be diagnosed with a fractured Vertebra. This caused a huge loss for the Brazilian team. Furthermore, captain Thiago Silva earned two yellow cards and was suspended from a match.

This created trouble for Brazil in the semi-final against European giant Germany. As a result, Germany destroyed Brazil with 6 goals (7-1) in their home ground. This was one of the worst defeats in the history of Brazilian football.

Subsequently, Brazil lost 0-3 to the Netherlands in the third-place match. The host ended the tournament with the worst defensive record having conceded 14 goals. Following a nightmare, Scolari resigned from the position.

Dunga Return

Then, Dunga returned to take over the team and managed it for two years. Dunga’s tenure could not bring the 2015 Copa and 2016 Copa America Centenario. Brazil could not surpass the knock-out round of both competitions. And in 2016, Tite joined the team, and he led into the 2018 World Cup.

2019 Copa America Champion

Brazil reached the quarter-finals, but Belgium thrashed it in the quarter-finals. Then, Tite won its first major trophy in 2019. It won the ninth title of Copa America defeating Peru in the final.

Copa America champion team of Brazil
2019 Copa America winning team Brazil. Source: ESPN

But, it failed to secure the tenth title in the 2021 edition. When Argentina thrashed Brazil in the final and earned their fifteen titles. During the Qatar World Cup qualifier, Brazil earned the top position in the South American region. Tite will appear in the Arabic field with the expectation to earn the sixth title of the FIFA World Cup.

Top Five Greatest Brazilian Footballers of All Time

It is a difficult task to rank the top all-time five Brazilian footballers. Because it has provided a staggering array of talents to the soccer world. But, we tried our best shot. The following five players Brazil helped to get success in world cup football.


Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele is one of the greatest footballers of the twentieth century. He is the former forward of the Brazilian team and Brazilian club Santos. He is the youngest Brazilian player to play in the World Cup final.

Brazil legend Pele
Pele holding World Cup trophy. Source:

Pele was 17 years and 249 days in 1958 When Brazil won their first World Cup title. Pele played in four World Cups and won three out of four. He still holds the record of the highest goalscorer in the country.

He earned 92 caps from 1957 to 1971 under national team kits. Pele is the mixture of passion, hard work, and dedication. The IFFHS (International Federation of Football History & Statistics) named Pele and Argentine forward Diego Maradona are the joint winners of the FIFA Player of the Century.

Pele scored overall 1279 goals in 1369 games. He has won many prestigious awards and holds records throughout his football journey.


Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima is one of the legends of Brazilian football history. One of the greatest strikers of all time Ronaldo won thrice FIFA World Player of the Year Awards. Likewise, he won twice Ballon d’Or awards.

He debuted in the 1994 World Cup at the age of seventeen. He is a recipient of both the Golden Ball and Golden Boot awards. Ronaldo was a main leader in the 2002 World Cup.

Former Brazilian forward Ronaldo
Ronaldo holding Golden Boo Award. Source: Pinterest

Nazario played in the Europe top clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He is also the second-highest scorer of the FIFA World Cup with 15 goals.

From 1994-2005, he won 98 caps and 62 goals. One of the best players in the twentieth century, Ronaldo’s career was at its peak. But it shortened due to Sevier’s injury.

In the 2014 World Cup, he was an Ambassador of the tournament. Ronaldo is a president of La Liga club Valladolid. Besides, he is the owner of the Brazilian second-division club Cruzeiro.


Romário de Souza Faria is a former Brazilian footballer and current politician. Romario is the fourth-highest scorer on the Brazilian football team.

He was a prolific striker and famous for his clinical finishing. One of the best Brazilian players of the twentieth century Romario was a key player in the 1994 World Cup.

He won the tournament’s best player award as well as the Golden Boot. Romario earned 70 caps and scored 55 goals from 1987-2005. He played club football primarily in Barcelona, Flamengo, and Valencia.

Romario currently serves as the Senator of Rio de Janeiro.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is one of the best free-kick masters in the World. A former forward of the Brazilian national team, Spanish giant Barcelona, and French tiger PSG (Paris Saint-German). He was an integral member of the 2002 FIFA World Cup winning squad.

He featured in an attacking row alongside Ronaldo and Rivaldo. They are nicknamed 3R in Brazilian football history. Ronaldinho won three victories, 1999 Copa America, 2002 World Cup, and 2005 Confederations Cup. He won two FIFA World Player of the year and a Ballon d’Or. Ronaldinho won 97 caps and scored 33 goals under the national team.


Manuel Francisco dos Santos aka Garrincha was one of the best dribbles in the twentieth century. He was a winger on the national team. He was a hero of 1958 and 1962 World Cup victories. Garrincha was the first player to earn both the Golden Boot and Golden Ball in a single tournament.

Brazil never lost a match with Pele and him. He played club football for Flamengo, Corinthians, and Botafogo. He scored 12 goals in 50 winning caps from 1955-1966. Garrincha died aged 49 on 20 January 1983.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Squad

In the Qatar World Cup qualifying campaign Brazil became the first in the CONMEBOL region. Brazil has been drawn into Group G containing Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. It will play against Serbia in its first match on 24 November at Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail.

The twenty-second edition of the FIFA World Cup will begin on 20 November 2022. And in the kick-off match, Qatar will play against Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor.

Brazilian coach Tite and captain Neymar will appear on the field to win the sixth title for the country. Currently, Brazil is ranked one on the men’s team of FIFA. Brazil fans expect it would remain after the World Cup too.

On 23 September, Brazil beat Ghana in a friendly by three goals. Brazil will play against Tunisia on 27 September 2022.