FIFA World Cup 2022 Poland National Team|History

Poland national team- Poland is one of the nations from the European region to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Polish team selected for the World Cup via a regional playoff. Previously, Poland made seven appearances in World Cup football which turned eight this time.

Currently, FIFA ranks 26 for the Polish men’s football team. Let’s read more about Polish football history, FIFA, and major championship journeys including the Qatar World Cup squad and preparation.

Brief History of Poland Football

Poland has a long history in football. Polish became fascinated with football in the late 19th century. During that time, Poland was part of the Soviet Union colonial, and it gained independence in 1918 after the end of the First World War.

In 1919, Poland formed their governing body Polish Football Union (PZPN), and joined FIFA in 1923.

Poland national team in 1924 Olympics
Poland in 1924 Summer Olympics; Source: Football History

The Polish team played their first international match in 1921, where they lost to Hungary 1-0. After a year, they won the first international match against Sweden in a friendly match. Two years later, Polish football appeared in the 1924 Summer Olympics held in France. But, it exited from the first round of the competition.

The Polish team did not enter the inaugural World Cup and did not qualify for the second World Cup. In the 1936 Italy Summer Olympics, the Polish national team turn out the fourth position after losing a third-place match against Norway 3-2. Likewise, it participated in the third edition of the World Cup football in 1938.

Poland UEFA Journey

In 1960, the European football confederation established a regional championship called UEFA European Championship (Euro Cup). But, the Polish team did not qualify for the tournament until 2008. It has a poor score in the Euro Cup.

The Polish team’s best result was the 2016 quarter-finals, where they lost against to con-current champion Portugal. Furthermore, Poland went home after losing group matches in the 2020 UEFA Euro Championship.

Poland FIFA World Cup History

After the 1938 World Cup, Poland took 36 years to return to World Cup football. The Polish team qualified for the 1974 Germany World Cup. During the competition, Poland made it into the semifinals and in the semifinals, it won over Brazil and ended as a third of the tournament.

Poland national team 1982
Polish team at 1982 FIFA World Cup

Source: Pes Miti del Calcio

However, they were out of the group round at Argentina World Cup. They again qualified for the 1982 Spain World Cup and ended the competition with the third position. Since then Polish team has not reached so far in the World Cup games. From 1990-1998, the team did not pass qualification. And it participated in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups regularly.

Polish team at Japan/Korea World Cup; Source: Pinterest

Likewise, Poland missed the nineteenth and twentieth editions and returned in the 21st edition of the tournament. In the Qatar World Cup qualifier, it advanced to the semifinals where it would face Russia.

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But, FIFA banned Russia from international tournaments due to Russia Ukraine War. This led Poland to advance to the finals of the play-off. And in the play-off finals, it defeated Sweden and reserved the seat for the Qatar World Cup.

Top 5 Greatest Polish Footballers of All Time

  • Robert Lewandowski (2008-present): He is Poland’s most capped and scoring footballer. He is one of the greatest footballers in Poland who has played 132 caps and scored 76 goals as of 2022. Lewandowski is also the captain of the Polish national teams.
  • Wlodzimierz Lubanski (1971-1984): He was the prominent player of the nation when Poland came third in the 1974 World Cup. He played 75 caps and scored 48 goals.
  • Grzegorz Lato (1971-1984): Lato helped the Polish team to third in the World Championships in 1974 and 1982. He played 100 caps and scored 45 goals.
  • Kazimierz Deyna (1968-1978): Deyna was also a squad of the 1974 World Cup. He scored 41 goals in 97 appearances.
  • Zbigniew Boniek (1976-1988): Boniek was one of the best footballers in World in the early 1980s. He scored four goals in the 1982 World Cup for the Polish team. Boniek played 80 caps and scored 24 goals.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Poland Squad

Poland will represent their eight world cup appearances in the upcoming World Cup. The team will be placed in Group C along with Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Poland will play the first match against Mexico on 22 November 2022 at Stadium 974, Doha.

The Qatar World Cup’s inaugural match will take place on 20 November 2022 between Qatar and Ecuador. Polish coach Czeslaw Michniewicz will lead the team in the World Cup. Polish captain Robert Lewandowski will be one of the key players in the tournament as Poland’s side. He currently plays for the Spanish club FC Barcelona.

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is currently preparing for the tournament. They will play two matches of the UEFA Nations League in September against the Netherlands and Belgium before moving to Qatar. The Polish World Cup’s squad will announce in October 2022.