Big Brother 24 Finale Result: Who made victory in BB 24; Taylor, Monte, or Turner?

Big Brother 24 Winner: The CBS reality shows Big Brother just announced the result of the Big Brother season 24 winner. Read the article below to find out who wins $750,000.

Who won BB 24 Tonight?

Big Brother is a popular reality show on the CBS network. It has been airing since 2000. Big Brother already crowned its 23 winners. Now, it crowned its 24th winner. Taylor Hale is the winner of BB 24. The news was just announced by CBS on the 2-hour-long finale live stream. She became the first Black Woman to win Big Brother.

On Sunday night, former Miss Michigan Taylor Hale defeated her Monte Taylor in the final round. Earlier in the same episode, Matthew Turner was eliminated and Monte and Taylor competed for the title. Congratulations to Taylor!

Summary of Finale

Turner won the first round and Monte won the second round. The third-round winner would get a spot in the final verdict and join Taylor (HOH). During tough questions from jury members, Monte secured him in the final HOH competition. Then, Turner finished third and went joined the jury.

Taylor and Monte faced nine members of the BB24 before their final answer on why they deserved to win BB 24. Monte stated that his biggest move was to get Matt out of the race.

Taylor Hale winner BB 24
Former Miss Michigan and USA contestant Taylor crown BB 24 winner. Source: CBS

Likewise, Taylor said, she deserved to win the final HOH because she did able to save herself from the problems. And the winner should not declare based on competition wins.

And in the final jury voting, Turner voted for Monte and the rest eight members voted for Taylor.

Taylor Hale became the second black houseguest to win the mainstream show after BB 23 winner Xavier Prather. She also won America’s Favorite Houseguest. Now, she takes $750,000 with the additional $50,000 as the winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest.

After the announcement, host Julie Chen wrapped up the season and said BB would return in the 25th season.

Big Brother 24 House Guests

One of the best reality shows on the CBS network, Big Brother, has been airing since 2000. The 24th season began on 6 July 2022, and all 16 houseguests are diverse from each other. BB 24 contestants range from a former Miss USA contestant to a City Bus Operator.

Likewise, an Entrepreneur to a Psychologist. Initially, a Texan guy Marvin Achi was selected among the sixteen houseguests but removed from the cast and replaced by Joseph Abdin. Here are the details of house guests, their professions, and result.

NameAge on
Matthew ‘Matt’ Turner23Thrift store owner1
Monte Taylor27Personal trainer1
Taylor Hale27Personal Stylist1
Brittany Hoopes32Hypnotherapist179Evicted
Alyssa Snider24Marketing Representative172Evicted
Michael Bruner28Attorney165Evicted
Terrance Higgins47Bus operator165Evicted
Kyle Capener29Unemployed158Evicted
Joseph Abdin24Lawyer151Evicted
Jasmine Davis29Entrepreneur151Evicted
Indiana “Indy” Santos31Corporate flight attendant144Evicted
Daniel Durston35Vegas performer137Evicted
Nicole Layog41Private chef130Evicted
Ameerah Jones31Content designer123Evicted
Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli24Assistant football coach116Evicted
Paloma Aguilar22Interior designer18Walked
Source: CBS

BB 25 Applications Open

CBS has already renewed BB 25 and has already opened applications. If you are a fan of this series you can fill out a form and make your dream come true.

According to CBS, all contestants should be a citizen of the United States and meet the eligibility criteria in order to be a part of it. Casting is open. You can get all details through the below link.

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