Breaking news, A Gunman killed 7 children and 6 Adults in a Russian School!

Russian gunfire-On Monday, 26 September, a Nazi-suspected gunman shot in school and killed at least seven children in a school in Izhevsk City. He killed thirteen people among seven schoolchildren. Read below to find more details about the massacre.

A Nazi-Suspected Gunshot School Kids and Staff

A suspected gunman started firing at School No. 88 in Izhevsk. Then, seven young students and six school staff were killed by his bullet. Likewise, around 21 wounded injured who are taken to the hospital already. Then, other staff and pupils evacuated from the school buildings, Russian officials said.

Russia gunfire
Terrorist attack area of Izhevsk, Russia. Source: Reuters

According to the local MP, the attacker was Artem Kazantsev, who came with two pistols. The investigative team also posted a video online which shows the gunman wearing a T-shirt with a Swastika symbol (Nazi-link).

He was lying dead on the floor They are also investigating his residence. The primary report says he is a graduate student and a prior student of the educational institution. He eventually shot himself after the incident.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added the incident ‘a terrorist act’ and Russian President Vladimir Putin also found this massacre, the Post reported.

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President Vladimir Putin Mourns the Incident

President Putin deeply mourns the deaths of staff and children in the school, where a terrorist attacked.

“A terrorist act by a person who apparently belongs to a neo-fascist organization or group”.

The Guardian

He also added psychologists, doctors, and neurosurgeons were already sent to the crime area by Putin. The school is in the middle of Izhevsk city with about 65,000 people.

Furthermore, these types of school shootings have been happening in the country lately. Earlier in May 2021, seven children and two adults were killed by a teenage gunman in Kazan City.

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In April 2022, an armed man shot a teacher and two young children at a kindergarten in Central Ulyanovsk. After the gunfire, he committed suicide.