Darya Dugina: the daughter of Putin ally killed in car blast

The daughter of Russian philosopher and ally of Vladimir Putin has been killed in a car blast. The 29 years, Darya Dugina whose father Alexander Dugin. He is believed to be a Putin brain. Dugin has been served as the advocate of Russian President.

Since 2012, both father and daughter have advocated for Russia’s invasion. They often said that Russia can only developed vigorously if Ukraine is completely destroyed. It is unclear whether Dugina was targeted or her father. Both the father and daughter have planned to travel in same car, but at last minute Alexander Dugin switched the planned and travel from another car.

Death of Darya Dugina

The 29 years old, Darya Dugina who was in the Toyota Land Cruiser she was driving exploded in 32 kilometers west of Moscow and burst into flames. The incident was happened on August, 20, 2022.

She was returning after attending the Moscow traditional festival. The festival was from family and art lovers. As per the reports, the explosive device was planned in the car, she was died 9.00 p.m. local time on Saturday, nearby the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy. Their was no immediate claim for the incident and no evidence killing linked with the Ukraine’s War.

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A Ukrainian official denied his country involvement in this incident. However, Russian spokesperson and politician blamed Ukraine and demanded for revenge.