Four sharp Questions you need to ask your team

Office manager arranges and manage all of the administrative action that facilitates the smooth running of an office.  The office manager carries out plans and makes policies to achieve the goal. They handle all clerical work and activities depending on the size and nature of the organization. An office manager can see the organization as a whole. However, the work and tasks of the office manager is different according to the goal of the organization. In fact, their roles and responsibilities are the same.

Their roles are:

  • Work efficiently
  • Dedication and devotion towards the work
  • Loyalty to your work and many more.

If you are a leader of your team, then you must take feedback from your employees and team members. Presently, we are in the feedback industry. Without asking some important questions our employees we can’t achieve our desired goals and objectives. You must show friendly behaviour with your team members. Here are four questions your team needed.

Are you socializing with our employees?

If any new employee recently joined your office, you must cooperate with him. You must act friendly with him. Your new office team member must socialize with your other team members to achieve the goal. You can motivate your new team member for doing work.

You should frequently talk with your new team member. It helps him/her to socialize with your goal and objectives.

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What challenges are you facing?

Every team has challenges to face. In every job or project, the team members have to survive different challenges. Your team member achieves the required goal by facing the obstacles and challenges.  Challenges are like a weapon to achieve the required and desire goal.

Four questions your team needed
Four questions your team needed

Team members have to face challenges. The challenges are: to survive with their competitors, increase the productivity for their development, improve labour-management relationships and many more. If you are a team leader then you can regularly interact with your team member. You can ask about your member team’s challenges and achievements.

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How is the business doing?

You and your office organization’s success are totally dependent upon your team members. Their efficiency and effectiveness help you to achieve your goal. Effective employees work as a key to organizational success.

How is the business doing?
How is the business doing?
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You can take reviews from your employees. As you are a leader, you can see the organization as a whole. You can ask with your team member about your business and its present situation by taking your team member review.

What are some great achievements made by other team members?

If you are a leader then you should conscious of your team member and your organizational goal. If you are a Marketing Head of your company then sales executives and Marketing executives work and operate under you. They may also connect with team members of HR, Finance and others.  You may ask your sales executives and marketing executives about the goals and achievements of other team members.

Eventually, we can say that you must conscious and aware about your goal. You continuously need feedback and review from your team members.

Hope you like this topic Four sharp Questions you need to ask your employees. Stay tuned for further updates.

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