Meet Joseph Abdin from BB: Explore his Net Worth, Relationship, Affairs, and Biography

Joseph Abdin, a Floridian law practitioner, is making headlines as one of the casts of Big Brother 24. In BB Motel, he stays with 15 other guests from diverse backgrounds, from a medical doctor to a performance artist.

You will find attorney Joseph Abdin’s details in this article, including his net worth, career, relationship, family, age, height, and so on.

Joseph Abdin Big Brother Journey

Florida-based Attorney Joseph Abdin is a house guest of Big Brother 24, among 15 others. Initially, he was not on the final list, but when CBS announced that Texas chemical engineer Marvin Achi left the show for personal reasons. BB includes Abdin’s name in the final 16 contenders of Big Brother 24. He is competing for the title of CBS BB 24 with 15 others.

Joseph Abdin Big brother
BB Joseph Abdin in BB Motel, source: BB Access

On the other hand, Joseph is also competing to get $750,000 prize money. Joseph is the second law contestant of BB 24 after Michael Bruner.

Furthermore, the professional lawyer, Joseph, is anticipated to play well in the game. CBS Big Brother is a franchise reality TV show. In BB house, he has a strong bond with Monte Taylor, a professional fitness trainer. Abdin is close to him because he is also a fitness freak.

In the opening interview of BB, Joseph said that he would eat a lot in BB motel, and due to this reason, he might face dislike from other houseguests. Joseph rarely sleeps and is awake all the time doing mediation, Yoga, and weightlifting. It seems like he has insomnia- a disease that can’t make people fall asleep.

Joseph Abdin BB: Education, Career, and Net Worth

Joseph Abdin is a law graduate student from Florida. He completed his law education at Florida State University College of Law in 2021. Abdin then moved to Tallahassee, Florida, to pursue his law career. From August 2021 to Jan 2021, Abdin worked as a legal extern in-house counsel at Next Era Energy, Inc.

In May 2021, he became an extern of the Florida Supreme Court, Tallahassee, United States. While he was not practicing his law job, he worked as a part-time fitness trainer at a local gym.

Joseph Abdin is early in his career and makes little money from his job. As per some online sources, his net worth falls between $100K-$200K. Abdin’s net worth will increase in the future.

Joseph Abdin BB: Bio, Relationship, and Family

Joseph Abdin is a young lawyer who is unmarried and not dating anyone to date. Abdin is a career-driven guy who loves learning new things. However, viewers saw that he flirted with a fellow contender Taylor Hale. In week five’s episode, it was shown that Hale revealed to Brittany Hoopes that she has a crush on attorney Joseph Abdin.

And in reply, Hoopes suggested she should be a wing woman for him. Meanwhile, Taylor wanted to make clear that she couldn’t have a feeling for him. But, Joseph re-entered the kitchen, and then they ended their talk.

After watching that episode, their fans wished they should begin their relationship as they seemed cute together. However, there are no answers from both of them.

Before Tallahassee, he lived in Downtown West Palm Beach. When we scroll through his Instagram, we find that he is an animal lover guy. Abdin loves to spend his leisure time with his pet dog. Abdin has two sisters, Jasmine and Danna. Both of them seem to be his faithful supporter. They are cheering Abdin from their home.

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Joseph Abdin’s Age, Height, Stats

The 25-year-old Joseph Abdin is 6 feet tall. His figure is appealing, and we can see his jaw-dropping physics. Abdin’s biceps size is 16 inches, and his Chest size is 45 inches. He is also inclined to spirituality. Every day, he practices Yoga and meditation before workouts.