FIFA World Cup 2022; Teams, Schedule, Budget, Prize money|Ticket Rates

The World’s Biggest Football fair is coming soon. The FIFA World Cup Men Football’s twenty-second edition will be held in Qatar from November 20, 2022, to December 18, 2022. Furthermore, this is the very first time in history that an Arabic country is hosting this year’s World Cup.

In this competition, Qatar is the host, and France is the defending champion of FIFA World Cup 2018. This world cup is also referred to as the Qatar World Cup 2022. In this article, we will explain all the details regarding this world cup, including its budget, teams, fixtures, teams, and so on.

How Many Countries Representing the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The FIFA Men’s football event happens every four years, starting in 1930. Usually, World Cup is held in May-June or July. Still, the first time it is happening is in November-December due to Qatar’s higher temperature.

This is the last tournament to have 32 nations. From the next competition, the team will extend up to 48 teams to plan for the upcoming 2026 tournament in Central America: the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Qatar World cup 2022
Qatar World Cup 2022 official football, source: CGTN

FIFA finalized 36 main referees, 69 assistant referees, and 24 video assistant referees for the tournament on May 19, 2022. In this tournament, three women referees will take over at a prominent men’s match for the first time. The three referees are Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan, and Stephanie Frappart from France.

The total number of matches in this competition is 62, which will be held in eight international stadiums in Qatar. And they are; Khalifa International Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Lusail Iconic Stadium, Education City Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, and Al Janoub Stadium.

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Which are the 32 qualified nations for the Qatar World Cup 2022?

Football’s biggest agency FIFA is an umbrella of 6 regional associations; AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, UEFA, CONMEBOL, and OFC. Here is the list of the nations selected for this World Cup with their association.
These thirty-two countries have been categorized into 8 groups, each consisting of 4 nations.

FIFA World Cup 2022 32 nations
FIFA World Cup 2022 teams, source: FIFA

From UEFA (European region), 13 teams are participating whereas, in AFC (Asian part), 6 teams are participating. Likewise, four are from South American associations (CONMEBOL) and the North American region (CONCACAF), and five are from African nations (CAF).

When will be the opening game of the Qatar World Cup 2022?

The 22nd edition of FIFA World Cup’s opening remarks will be held at Al Bayt Stadium. Initially, the organization team planned to commence on November 21. Still, it changed to November 20 in the second week of August.

FIFA has a long tradition of organizing opening matches featuring either the host country or the defending champions’ team. Fans will witness the opening match between host country Qatar and Ecuador at 7 pm.

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What is the Estimate Budget and Prize Money for FIFA World Cup 2022?

Qatar has invested $200 billion to build its infrastructure, construction of stadiums, roads, hotels, etc. According to the official report, Qatar is hosting the most expensive tournament in FIFA World Cup history.

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Likewise, FIFA has delegated a $1696 million budget to complete this tournament. The champions of FIFA World Cup 2022 will receive the championship trophy and $42 million worth of prize money.

Qatar World Cup/FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Here is the tournament schedule of Qatar World Cup 2022, which includes group matches, the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final.

Group A Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Sunday, November 20Qatar vs. Ecuador11 amAl Bayt
Monday, November 21Senegal vs. the Netherlands11 amAl Thumama
Friday, November 25Qatar vs. Senegal8 amAl Thumama
Friday, November 25Netherlands vs. Ecuador11 amKhalifa Int’l
Tuesday, November 29Netherlands vs. Qatar10 amAl Bayt
Tuesday, November 29Ecuador vs. Senegal10 amKhalifa Int’l
Source: FIFA

Group B Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Monday, November 21England vs. Iran8 amKhalifa Int’l
Monday, November 21USA vs. Wales2 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Friday, November 25Wales vs. Iran5 amAhmad Bin Ali
Friday, November 25England vs. USA2 pmAl Bayt
Tuesday, November 29Wales vs. England2 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Tuesday, November 29Iran vs. USA2 pmAl Thumama
Source: FIFA

Group C Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Tuesday, November 22Argentina vs. S. Arabia5 amLusail
Tuesday, November 22Mexico vs. Poland11 amStadium 974
Saturday, November 26Poland vs. S. Arabia8 amEducation City
Saturday, November 26Argentina vs. Mexico2 pmLusail
Wednesday, November 30Poland vs. Argentina2 pmStadium 974
Wednesday, November 30S. Arabia vs. Mexico2 pmLusail
Source: FIFA

Group D Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Tuesday, November 22Denmark vs. Tunisia8 amEducation City
Tuesday, November 22France vs. Australia2 pmAl Janoub
Saturday, November 26Tunisia vs. Australia5 amAl Janoub
Saturday, November 26France vs. Denmark11 amStadium 974
Wednesday, November 30Tunisia vs. France10 amEducation City
Wednesday, November 30Australia vs. Denmark10 amAl Janoub
Source: FIFA

Group E Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Wednesday, November 23Germany vs. Japan8 amKhalifa Int’l
Wednesday, November 23Spain vs. Costa Rica11 amAl Thumama
Sunday, November 27Japan vs. Costa Rica5 amAhmad Bin Ali
Sunday, November 27Spain vs. Germany2 pmAl Bayt
Thursday, December 1Japan vs. Spain2 pmKhalifa Int’l
Thursday, December 1Costa Rica vs. Germany2 pmAl Bayt
Source: FIFA

Group F Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Wednesday, November 23Morocco vs. Croatia5 amAl Bayt
Wednesday, November 23Belgium vs. Canada2 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Sunday, November 27Belgium vs. Morocco8 amAl Thumama
Sunday, November 27Croatia vs. Canada11 amKhalifa Int’l
Thursday, December 1Croatia vs. Belgium10 amAhmad Bin Ali
Thursday, December 1Canada vs. Morocco10 amAl Thumama
Source: FIFA

Group G Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Thursday, November 24Switzerland vs. Cameroon5 amAl Janoub
Thursday, November 24Brazil vs. Serbia2 pmLusail
Monday, November 28Cameroon vs. Serbia5 amAl Janoub
Monday, November 28Brazil vs. Switzerland11 amStadium 974
Friday, December 2Cameroon vs. Brazil2 pmLusail
Friday, December 2Serbia vs. Switzerland2 pmStadium 974
Source: FIFA

Group H Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Thursday, November 24Uruguay vs. South Korea8 amEducation City
Thursday, November 24Portugal vs. Ghana11 amStadium 974
Monday, November 28South Korea vs. Ghana8 amEducation City
Monday, November 28Portugal vs. Uruguay2 pmLusail
Friday, December 2South Korea vs. Portugal10 amEducation City
Friday, December 2Ghana vs. Uruguay10 amAl Janoub
Source: FIFA

Round of 16/Pre-quarterfinal match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Saturday, December 3Group A 1st- Group B 2nd10 amKhalifa Int’l
Saturday, December 3Group C 1st- Group D 2nd2 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Sunday, December 4Group D 1st- Group C 2nd10 amAl Thumama
Sunday, December 4Group B 1st- Group A 2nd2 pmAl Bayt
Monday, December 5Group E 1st- Group F 2nd10 amAl Janoub
Monday, December 5Group G 1st- Group H 2nd2 pmStadium 974
Tuesday, December 6Group F 1st- Group E 2nd10 amEducation City
Tuesday, December 6Group H 1st- Group G 2nd2 pmLusail
Source: FIFA

Qatar World Cup Quarter Final Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Friday, December 9TBD QF110 amEducation City
Friday, December 9TBD QF22 pmLusail
Saturday, December 10TBD QF310 amAl Thumama
Saturday, December 10TBD QF42 pmAl Bayt
Source: FIFA

Qatar World Cup Semifinals Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Tuesday, December 13QF2 vs. QF12 pmLusail
Wednesday, December 14QF4 vs. QF32 pmAl Bayt
Source: FIFA

Qatar World Cup 3rdplace Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Saturday, December 17Semifinal losers10 amKhalifa Int’l
Source: FIFA

Qatar World Cup Final Match Schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Sunday, December 18Semifinal winners10 amLusail
Source: FIFA

What is the Ticket Price for Qatar World Cup 2022?

FIFA has the right to sell the tournament tickets. FIFA has sold exclusively in a several-phase, and it is still going. Here is the ticket price for a single match for each round.

  • The opening match: $55-$301.68
  • Group match: $10.97- $219.40
  • Round of 16: $19.20-$274.26
  • Quarterfinals: $82.28-$425.10
  • Semifinals: $137.13-$954.41
  • Third-place match: $82.28-$425.10
  • The final match: $205.69- $603.36

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