Woman stabbed her husband to death after he denies her permission to wear jeans

A shocking incident was reported from India, Jharkhand district, village Jamatara a man was stabbed to death after he denied her permission to wear jeans.

According to an India Today report, the accused Pushpa Hembrom went to see the fair wearing jeans near her village on Saturday (16th July 2022). After returning, she had argument with her husband as why she wore the jeans after her marriage.

Their argument turned ugly, eventually, Pushpa attacked her husband with a knife of the kitchen and leaving him grievously injured. His family immediately take him to Dhanbad PMCH Hospital, where he died.

The victim’s father named, Karneshwar Tudu stated, “there was a huge dispute between his son and daughter-in-law over wearing jeans. “The wife stabbed her husband to death during the fight,”

Woman stabbed her husband to death
Woman stabbed her husband to death

Later the FIR reports has been registered by Jamtara Station House Officer (SHO) Abdul Rehman.

After filing the FIR, on Monday 18 July 2022, Jamatara police claimed the murdered Pushpa was arrested. The police arrested the culprit Pushpa from Gopalpur.

Anand Jyoti Minz, a sub-divisional officer mentioned the department searched for knives but did not find so far . They are waiting for the Post Martem reports.

Furthermore, he said the police are investing the case from all angles.

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