YouTuber Kevin Samuels dies at 57. Know about his cause of death, net worth

YouTuber Kevin Samuels passes away at the age of 57. His channel had 1.5 million subscribers and 840 videos. His videos were mainly focused on dating and relationships. He was not only a YouTube influencer. Aside this, he was a motivational speaker, Image Consultant, and Social Media Influencer. We’ll talk about this splendid personality – his cause of death, net worth, and other details. Stay tuned with us.

Cause of Death

Kevin Samuels died on May 5, 2022. However, earlier, the cause of death has not been revealed.

He was at his apartment with the 32-year-old nurse, Ortensia Alcantara. Samuels complained of chest pain, fell on top of her, and she called 911. and took to the hospital. Before the ambulance came, she gave him CPR. Furthermore, she mentioned,”‘Come on, Kevin, you got this, just try to breathe. Come on, think about your mom. Think about your daughter,

After the help arrived, he was taken to Piedmont Hospital. But unfortunately, the doctor and medical experts couldn’t save his life. His death was confirmed by his mother, Beverly Samuels Burch.

According to the autopsy report, he died from high blood pressure, also called hypertension. His matter of death was natural.

Kevin Samuels Cause of Death
Kevin Samuels Cause of Death

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Kevin Samuels Net Worth: How much he had earned from his entire career.

The American YouTuber, Dating Guru, and Social Media Influencer had maintained a pretty amount of bank balance through his earnings. Indeed he was outstanding in his job.

The big companies had paid him well and hired him to generate motivation in their workplace. He also earned a fortune of earnings from his YouTube channel, which had 1.5 million subscribers and 840 videos.

As of 2022, Kevin Samuels had an estimated net worth of $4 million. He had an annual salary of $500 thousand.