3 tourists were killed at Bahamas Resort due to Carbon monoxide, Police say

In May, three Americans died due to Carbon monoxide poisoning in the Bahamas. However, the authorities were unable to provide the details. They mentioned death were still under investigation.

The victims were Michael Phillips, his wife Robbie Phillips, from Tennessee, and Vincent Paul Chiarella from Florida. They found dead in Sandals Emerald Bay Resort.

Chiarella’s wife was survived as she was airlifted to Kendall Regional Hospital in Miami.

How did the three tourists have died in the Bahamas?

Four tourists Michael Philips, Robbie Phillips, Vincent Paul, and Donnis Chiarella came on the vacation at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort, Bahamas.

The Cop said the couple was staying in separate Villas next to each other. As per the reports, four tourists were gone for the physicians, a night before their death. They all complained of feeling ill. They had the signs of difficulty in breathing and convulsions.

Michael Phillips and his wife Robbie Phillips

In a statement a month ago, a Bahamas resort spokesperson that death was no way linked to air conditioning services, food, beverages, or foul play. At that time, Bahamas police were unable to provide the details of information regarding the case.

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Did Carbon Dioxide the main reason for three tourists’ death?

Initially, It was not quite clear what was the source of carbon monoxide that killed the three Americans. The Sandals said we have carbon monoxide detectors in each room of our resorts. Furthermore, the company said We have taken environmental safety in all resort systems.

After further investigation, the Royal Bahamas police reported that 3 tourists died due to asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

They also added the investigation is still going on.