Tips for Working and Studying from Home

People around the world have been asked about work and studying from home. Working and Studying from home are not easier tasks to do. While working and studying from home, our normal routine and schedule will be disrupted. As a result, we may not focus on work or may not give 100% per cent. Then how will this be possible? Why to worry! If ….here we are giving you 9 valuable tips on how to keep yourself healthy & happy, and productive, even working or studying from home.

Get Proper Dressed

Perhaps you have listened “the first impression is the last impression”. The perfect way to start a fruitful day is a proper dress and get ready.

Even you planning to working from home get dressed as you are working in the office or studying in the classroom.

Take a shower, brush your teeth and have proper dressed. This will be simple and easy to do and also have a great impact on your personality and productivity.

Proper Dressed work and study from home
Proper Dressed work and study from home Source The Economic Times

Design a Proper Workspace

Proper workspace is extremely important whether you are studying or working from home. I am not saying do your work by lying on your bed or couch, it looks completely irrelevant.

Be sure you have a proper workspace, and you can easily access the things which you need for your work and study. You should have proper light in your room, and proper arrangements of desk, chair, and table.

Time Management

Time management is most important, working and studying from home. Make a proper plan and do it according so you can manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Here are some easy time management techniques

  • Start with a to-do list
  • Stop a multi-tasking
  • Keep yourself away from personal tasks
  • Don’t surf the web
  • Apply the getting things done method
  • Know when you are most productive
Time Management working from home
Time Management working from home Source Forbes

Set your goal properly

 Goal setting could be included in Time Management. But it’s importance couldn’t be denied. Without having the right goal; and its implementation, we unable to achieve anything. 

If you know your goal, your work will be realistic and attainable. Moreover, it increases your confidence level, which will be the added advantage for you.

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Minimize Distractions

It is almost impossible to remove or reduce distractions when you are studying or working from home. Multitasking won’t be productive for you.

Here are some ways which help you to minimize distractions during your working hours:

  • Play your favorite music in the background
  • Turn off the text email
  • Stop the notifications on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Set the office hours
  • Keep a calendar

Take Breaks

As you are working from home, having breaks will be the added advantage. When you are working from the office or in the class you may have a break of 30 minute or a maximum of 1 hour.

If you are working from home, you can take a small break in every 30 minutes. You can take a sip of coffee whenever you want. Apart from that, you can maintain your health by stretching your legs, mediation, physical exercise or yoga.

Make a Boundary

If you are working from home, just prepare yourself that you are in office. Adjust yourself by having a target meets. Set a goal what you need to accomplish in your working hours. If you have an online meeting, respect the time limit and go according with your colleague plan.

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Go for Digital

There are many technological apps which helps you to connect with your client, colleagues, bosses and supervisor.  Here are some digital connected apps through it work from home (WFH) is no longer is inconvenience.

  • Zoom
  • Teamviewer
  • Mainstream
  • Zoho
  • Trello
  • Asana

Stay Active and have Enough Sleep

As we all know, “Health is Wealth.” If you have good health, you may conquer the world. Do not be a nightcrawler. Just sleep on time and wake up before sunrise; the 7-8 hrs of sleep is extremely important for you.

Besides that, you can have some physical exercise. Just wake up early and take fresh air, which will positively impact physical and mental health.