10 Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is an amazing part of human behavior that is regulated by the brain. It is the best medicine. It assists us in clarifying our thoughts and intentions that we might want to convey as a part of social interaction and also an emotional touch to our conversations. Laughter conveys much more than what we expect it to. It emphasizes the fact that we are a part of the group and other people accept us more, and the interactions become more positive than before. Laughter is the best way to strike a bond and build relationships with others. Laughter is a very big deal, and it has been shown countless times that it has too many beneficial effects on our bodies in various ways. Just keep reading to know exactly how as we are going to tell you the 10 benefits of laughing as follows:

Boost Your Immune System

A huge amount of statistical data and research has repeatedly led us to believe that laughter boosts our immune system. It affects our immunity in such ways that we can never imagine. Laughing results in an increase in the number of antibody-producing T cells. As a result, we catch coughs and colds less often, thanks to the laughter that we add to our lives. It is also responsible for lowering the levels of more than four hormones that are responsible for stress. These are more than enough reasons to make you add more laughter into your life as it would make you far less anxious and tense as a result.

Live Longer

A recent research has suggested that those people who always expected good things in life and had an optimistic approach towards life were less likely to die than the people who are pessimists and always worry about uncertainties of the future.

In the case study, among the exclusively 65-85-year-old human study participants, those candidates who were comparatively more optimistic towards life had a 55 percent lesser chance of dying from any causes than the pessimistic people.

Relieves Your Pain

A good laugh has been proven to reduce pain considerably. Apart from the fact that it distracts you from the undesirable sensations but it also releases the endorphin into your systems which are much more powerful and effective than morphine administered in the same amount. Endorphins are basically the feel-good hormones which help to relieve stress and uplift the moods of a person.

Laughter boost your immune
Laughter boost your immune

A British study has shown that just 15 minutes of pure laughter can increase pain tolerance by up to 10 percent due to the release of endorphins in the brain. The endorphins behave in a way similar to feeling “high” when consuming drugs that improve the performance and tolerance of a person. Hence, it leads to some very pleasant feelings associated with a calm mind and acts as a temporary pain killer.

Boosts Your Relationship

If you are looking forward to find a new partner for yourself, then laughter is surely something that is going to help you in your pursuit of love. Men love women who mostly laugh when they are around, and women laugh 125% more than their counterparts.

If you already have that special someone in your life, then a little more laughter and a sense of humor can add some spice and excitement to the relationship, as these are one of the most important factors in helping your relationship run smoothly.

Reduces Depression

For a very long time laughter has been known to help people who suffer from SAD or the full-time has blown depression. Laughing is very effective in reducing stress and tension.

As a result, it significantly lowers irritation and anxiety, which are the major factors that contribute to the conventional blues. In a study published, it was shown that laughter therapy for elderly patients induces a feeling of well-being and improved social interactions.

Social Benefits

Laughter spreads to the people around you, so if you could bring more laughter into your days, then you can definitely help others to laugh more because of you.

By being able to elevate the moods of people around you, you easily can shrink their stress levels to a minimum in no time. As a result, you improve their quality of interaction with you indirectly and that makes you lessen your stress levels even more.

Internal Workout

When did you have a good belly laugh the last time? A good laugh contracts the abs, exercises the diaphragm and also works out your shoulders, the muscles feeling more relaxed afterwards. It also makes up for a good workout for your heart.

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Improves your Breathing

You should laugh as much as you can because laughter is something that empties your lungs in a way that it takes out more air than you take in which results in a cleansing effect which is kind of similar to the deep breathing. This is very helpful for those people who are experiencing some respiratory ailments like asthma.

It helps you lose Weight

Laughter is an excellent physical exercise. Using laughter as a medium of burning calories may not sound very impressive buy a hearty laugh raises the heart rate and as a result is speeds up the overall metabolism. Adding some laughter to your daily routine can be very rewarding in the long run as you will see.

Protects the Heart

It has been found that people who laugh a lot regularly have a comparatively lower blood pressure as compared to the average person. When a person laughs, his or her blood pressure increases initially but then it falls to a level below normal.

Laughter Protects the Heart
Laughter Protects the Heart

Our heart is a muscle like any other muscle in our body, it keeps getting stronger and starts functioning even better when exercised. Laughing regularly is very healthy for the heart and it acts like gym membership for it. Laughter has been found to benefit the blood flow in the body and it greatly reduces the risk of any heart disease. A certain research has stated that a laughter for 15 minutes a day is as crucial as a 30-minute exercise a total of 3 times a week for your heart.

Laughter is a way of life, and it should be included in your lifestyle to reap the benefits from it. We hope that you will find inspiration and will start working on having a good laugh whenever you can.