How much is Alexander Butterfield net worth? wife, family

Alexander Butterfield is a former Air Force Officer of the United States, a businessman, and a public servant. He is admired for revealing the existence of the White House’s taping system during the infamous Watergate investigation on 13th July 1973. Furthermore, he also served as the deputy assistant of President Richard Nixon. We’ll talk lot about Alexandra Butterfield net worth, wife, family, achievement, and other details. Stay with us.

What is the net worth of Alexandra Butterfield?

Alexander Butterfield net worth can be estimated as of $3 million which he made from his career as a public servant and as a businessman. Most of his money comes from his service to federal offices of the United States.

Who is the wife of Alexandra Butterfield? Is he married?

He had a beautiful wife in his life. He married Charlotte Maguire in 1949. However, the duo legally separated in 1985. After that, Alexandra doesn’t seem to have a wife in his life. He was in an affair with Audrey Geisel, the wife of Theodor Geisel (Author and Cartoonist), who died in 1991.

Alexandra Butterfield Relation to Watergate

In June 1973, John Dean testified that Nixon was deeply involved in the Watergate cover-up and that he suspected White House conversations were being taped. Following that, staff of the United States Senate Watergate Committee began regularly asking witnesses appearing before the council if they were aware of any recording system.

On Friday, July 13, 1973, Butterfield was questioned by Senate Watergate Committee staff Marianne Brazer, G. Eugene Boyce, Scott Armstrong, and Donald Sanders in a background survey prior to his sworn testimony before the full committee.

Donald Sanders posed the critical line of questioning. Scott had given Alexander a copy of Buzhardt’s report, and now Sanders wondered if the quotations in it could have come from notes. No, Alexander Butterfield said, because the quotations were too detailed.

Additionally, Butterfield claimed that neither the president nor his staff had taken notes of their private one-on-one conversations with President Nixon. Butterfield replied that he had no idea as to where the quotations may have originated.

Then Sanders questioned the veracity of John Dean’s claim that the White House had recorded Oval Office conversations. To which Alexander answered, “I was wondering if someone would ask that. There is tape in the Oval Office.”

Then, Butterfield informed the investigators that although he had hoped no one would inquire about the recording device, he had previously decided he would reveal its presence if questioned directly.

Following that, Butterfield gave a lengthy testimony regarding the installation and operation of the recording system, explaining to the staff members: “Everything was taped… as long as the President was in attendance. There was not so much as a hint that something should not be taped.”

Later, Alexander claimed that since the committee had already spoken with Haldeman and Higby, he assumed they were aware of the recording apparatus.

Alexandra Butterfield
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Alexander gave his evidence from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM. The four investigators swore an oath of secrecy and agreed to tell the Senate Watergate Committee’s Chief Counsel and Chief Minority Counsel the only information they had.

The aftermath of Watergate’s Revelation on Alexander Butterfield

In an interview conducted by MSNBC on 12th July 2022. Alexander Butterfield mentioned that he was worried to death after having disclosed information regarding the presence of the tape in the White House meetings. He was terrified that his testimony against then-President Richard Nixon might have repercussions that might ultimately lead to his death.

Take a look at his Career

Alexander Butterfield started his career in 1948 as a fighter-gunnery in the United States Navy. He resigned from the Air Force in 1968 to become the deputy assistant to the President of the United States.

Alexander left the White House after being confirmed as the Federal Aviation Administration’s administrator in March 1973.

After leaving the federal services, he worked for a flight service company based in San Francisco, California. After leaving the finance sector, Butterfield started Armistead & Alexander, a business and productivity consultancy firm. He retired from the business in 1995.

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Alexandra Butterfield Early Life, Family, Education

Alexander Butterfield was born on the 6th of April 1926 in Pensacola, Florida. He is the son of United States Navy pilot, Horace B. Butterfield, and Susan Armistead Alexander Butterfield. He was very close to his family. He is of Amerian nationality and ethnicity.

He studied at the University of California in Los Angeles. He attended the National War College while serving in the military, earning a bachelor of science from the University of Maryland in 1956 and a master of science from George Washington University (1967).

Butterfield later obtained his master’s degree from the University of California, San Diego in history. Alexander obtained his Ph.D. in November 2015.

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