You know Girls do have their secrets

    You know Girls do have their secrets. Lets find out. May be one of those can clear your way
We all grew up with women in our life. As like a mom, sister, or friends in circle. Every woman does have their own some secrets but many of them are likely same and very few of men do know about them. We all are interested to know some of the secrets of others and today we all going to get not all but close to secrets of girls from which we can make them happy for short and longer period both.
Here secret no.1
Girls have to remove hair from under arms and also from outer parts of body. (Don’t think about head :D) and that’s the they specially don’t like to share from others.
Secret no.2
Girls have to do makeup to look keep beauty. We boys do focus on figure then fairness and then we say “wow” and for that wow girls do makeup to keep their natural beauty fairness (whatever the weather is now).
Secret no.3
The most worst time for girls is to get in into periods. In periods, they feel irritated and don’t want to get sexually attract. Their 3-5 days period makes them most uneasy person of all time and they make far their boyfriends so that she don’t want to make known to boys that she is in period.
Secret no.4
Maximum girls want to make someone listen first to her and if there time is left for more chats then you can put your words for her. She want herself to be first priority opposite of listener.
Secret no.5
You cannot put your negative thoughts in front of them. Yes you heard right. You cannot make any negative talk on herself. If she ask you millions of time “tell me anything which you don’t like me” then your answer must be in positive. Girls want to listen true things but the topic must be she herself.
Secret no.6
She love to eat a lot but this must not be out. Yes, she want to eat a lot but we boys have to ignore that my girl take less food for her fitness.
Secret no.7
Girls of any type have common issues. They like to use high costly prices products and all must be of famous and high brand, and also must not use by many.
Secret no.8
Some of the girls you must have had faced like simple living or book worms but that is not true. Girls feel jealous with other hotty girls. Yes they feel jealous from figures. And wishes to be sexy and have best breast size so that boys can get attracts.
Secret no.9
If you are too close of your girl but this doesn’t sound that she would share everything to you. She would share with them only with whom she feels easy according to topics.
Secret no.10
Girls want to make boy as their friend so that other girls could feel jealous. Not only have this girls had their big secret of living like boys. They love to live like boys and must not be restricted.


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