You know Boys do have their secrets.

You know Boys do have their secrets. Let’s find out. Maybe one of those can clear your way.


They really do look at you different if you have sex with us the first date.

Most men say they don’t but in reality we do. If you’re okay with this then go for it. But do not get mad if I don’t call you back afterwards. And trust me, if I do it will only be due to my interest in round 2- not because I actually want to date you or take you to meet my friends or anything.

They don’t want you to watch football with us.

Football, cricket and also other sports girls don’t like leaving some famous players in the field. Boys want their own company while watching sports. There a time comes when you (girl) feel uncomfortable with sports and this is the only thing boys don’t put you with them when having sports on live.
When we say “it’s not you, it’s me.” Please know that it’s really you.

This is the classic breakup line that has been played like a broken record for years. Of course the honest thing to do men up and tell a girl that her annoying tendencies are the reason we are dumping you. But we are found that the easiest way out to tell you that you have nothing to do with why we want nothing more to do with you.

Commitment is something they do when they are ready, not because you want them to.

For some reason whenever you ask us if we’re ready to take that next step more than likely at the time we’re going to dodge the questions because we’re not really interested. And again, don’t dare try to ask while the game is on because we’ll just say anything to get you out of our faces. The timing is always wrong for us. Until then, don’t hold your breath.

They really don’t want to know how many people you have had slept with.

Would my decision to commit to you and introduce you to my mother change if I knew you slept with 20 guys before me. Probably….

They are more insecure than they let you know.

Guys will show their insecurities in different ways than women do, but the truth is that we have many hang ups about ourselves than we will ever admit.

They do compare you to our ex’s.

No it’s not fair, but it’s inevitable. You do it too. Remember we either want the opposite of what the ex was or something exactly like him/her. That is depending on who broke up with whom.

They don’t want to remember everything you want them too.

There isn’t enough space in our brain to remember everything you need to be reminded of and what we have to know on a daily basis. That’s why they made outlook calendars and blackberry.

they are hunters by nature. It’s just the way they are.

They like to be hunted sure. Trading places never hurt anyone. But it is in our nature to hunt anything of that which they feel is obtainable.

Lies make them feel uncomforting.

They do lie but that doesn’t gonna make you hurt like you never had been. If it so then there must be some reason behind that. They cannot hold a girl is all fake by her words. A single lie of you can make us far, and it’s not easy to get back soon.


i am the ceo.