World top most powerful Ruler in 2018

World top most Powerful Ruler


To become powerful, you must have immense influence among the people. Some of the people are here from 2017 and can still on this year too. Not in huge but also some people are grew up from their place and left debris behind. Listed persons are of from typical fields and unbeatable places. The list has all types of characters from those who own business empires. Also the politicians who actions have had significant impacts and also with popularity likewise Indian Prime Minister.


Russian statesman chosen as president of the Russian Federation in 2000; formerly director of the Federal Security Bureau. We have heard a lot about him and ranked 1st in world by Forbes. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin born in 1952. Putin has been president since 2012. Before then, he was lieutenant Colonel and retired the prime minister between 1999 and 2000. He later became prime minister again from 2008 to 2012.
He is the man who does what he wants and gets what he plan. After the day he became president of Russia, he change the Russia forever and made stronger than ever on this planet. He is also behind the bombing of ISIS. Later, he met with President Assad. The action appears to have made NATO and US seem weak. Russia is only a country who have ever made Nuclear Weapon.

2. Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump, a business and real estate mogul man first and 45th President of United States in second. He was born in 1946 in QUEENS, NEW YORK and belongs with wealthiest families at the time. On his early age, he join his dad’s business and expanded exponentially to all over the world. Now he handover the control of the business to his sons Eric trump and Donald Trump Jr.

He is the wealthiest President of United States in history. His business strategy is make United States great again. He is a businessman and he has two eyes to see the US on the balance scale i.e Profit and Loss. He denied some of the countries last year to US and now US is being more powerful ever was in history.

He is ready to mess with the dictatorship leader of North Korea who threatened the world with nuclear weapons on last year. Not only North Korea, but also an open challenge for ISIS to attack on United States.

3. Xin Jinping:
On the 4th position we have Chinese President Xin Jinping. He has been powerful enough to rule china on right path. Born in 1953, Jinping is also chairs the Central Military Commission. Xi is an ex-officio member of the Politburo Standing Committee. The committee is a top decision-making body in China. Xi also chairs the newly formed National Security Commission. He is also the chair of other steering committees on economic and social reforms. Further, he is the chair in commissions for military reforms and the internet.
He is a paramount leader and has become one of the most influential Chinese Rulers. Xi has changed the thinking of the conservative Chinese through reforms. Additionally, he is bold enough to allow the media to capture some of his daily activities. During his leadership, China has investments in almost all part of the world.

4. Angela Merkel:

Angela Merkel is ranked top in the world. She is the most dominant woman in the world of 2017. Angela was born in 1954. She is the sitting Chancellor of Germany a position she has held since 2005 Merkel has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000. She earned a doctorate in physical chemistry.

In 2007, Merkel became the 2nd woman to become president of the European Council. Also, she was the chairperson of G8. Moreover, Merkel has played a critical role in negotiations regarding the Treaty of Lisbon. What’s more, the Berlin Declaration? Single-handedly, she has offered solutions to problems faced by her constituents. Merkel has managed to take her country through a recession. She provided credit facilities for those companies cutting hours for employees. She also convinced Greece and Spain to consider Germans’ fiscal and legal logic. Germany ushered 2017 with a budget surplus of 12.1 billion Euros. Recently, she opened the German borders. That would allow over 1 million immigrants from Syria and other Muslim nations. This humanitarian act has earned her accolades.


JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, on Dec 17, 1936. On March 13, 2013 at the age 76 JORGE became 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church and also becoming the first citizen from America to name as Pope.
Later in 2016 he gave priests the power to forgive woman who undergo abortions and he continued to force for climate change reform and also concerned for world crisis and great step to refugees.

6. Theresa May:

Theresa Mary May was born on 1 Oct 1956 in Sussex, East Bourne is a British Prime Minister of the UK and also Leader of the Conservative Party.
Before she was here, she worked as a Bank of England and for 12 years (1985-1997) working as a financial Consultant and senior advisor in international Affairs at the APCS.

After so many vital roles in political locations she finally concurred or selected as UK Prime Minister on 30 June 2016, Theresa May announced her candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party to replace David Cameron.

7. Emmanuel Macron:

Emmanuel Macron is a French politician and President of France. Before he is, he was a senior civil servant and investment banker.

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron born on 21 Dec 1977 but become youngest President in the history of France with 350 seats out of 577 with his party alone winning majority of 308 seats. He is also the first President of France after the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958. He is also as popular as United State Ex-President Barrack Obama; and most lovable President in France. President Macron stated that fighting Islamist terrorism at home and abroad was France’s top priority. Macron forced a tough international place to pressure North Korea into negotiations, on the same day when Kim Jong fired a missile over Japan. He also asserted his support for the Iranian nuclear deal and criticized Venezuela’s government as a “dictatorship”. He added that he would announce his new initiatives on the future of European Union after the German elections in September.
Macron do interest in business as well. He increased 15% to 20% the French share in the Renault Company.

8. Salman bin Ab

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud born on 31 Dec 1935 and was raised in the Murabba Palace is a Saudi’s King and in a single word he is also pronounce as “King Salman”.

He is in politics from his teen age. Salman was appointed as deputy governor of Riyadh Province in 1954 when he was of age 19 and he handled up to 1955. And again he was appointed as provincial governor in 1963, till to 2011. Salman Bin appointed as 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. Prince Salman was also named as a member of the National Security Council (NSC) on the same day.

On 23 Jan 2015, Salman at age 79 and was succeeded as king after his half-brother Abdullah died due to Pneumonia.

9. Narendra Modi:

Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India. Born in 1950, Gujarat, India and served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In 2014, his party BJP clinched the majority in Lok Sabha. He assumed the position as prime minister in 2014. Modi is the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). That was the first time since the general elections in 1984. During his two years as prime minister, Modi has proven to perform well. His administration has plans started projects to reform and modernize India’s infrastructure. He has also made efforts to reduce red tape in the government operations. Also, Modi has brought changes in the health and sanitation.


He is on list because of his missile experiments since last year. He rules a very secured country and most top rated country in the world called North Korea. NK is the neighbor country of South Korea but due to some reasons NK detector KIM always a messy type with SK(south korea) but instead of that SK are just opposite of it and wants a good neighboring with NK. KIM holds a powerful button on his table with Atomic, Hydro and also world’s deadliest Biological weapons. Nk is not a UNO member so it is a big thing to worry for any country because his missiles rang and deadliest weapons which is not allowed by UNO.


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