FIFA World Cup 2022 Tunisia National Team|History

Tunisia national football team – Tunisia is one African nation representing the FIFA World Cup 2022. Tunisia is considered one of the best teams in the African football confederation (CAF). It has already participated in five FIFA World Cups, which will turn six this time. Tunisia was a part of France Colonial before its independence in 1956. 

Tunisia has been a part of the biggest football fair since the late 1970s. Currently, FIFA ranks 30 on the Tunisian national men’s team. Read more about Tunisia’s football history along with their Qatar World Cup preparation, FIFA history, and team squad.

Brief History of Tunisian Football

Tunisia was a part of France’s Colonial Empire from 1881 to 1956. Tunisians learned to play football in the late 1920s. They formed an official team in 1928 and played their first international match with France’s national football B team; it lost 8-2. After four years, it made its first victory, winning the game with French Algeria-another French colonial nation.

Tunisian national team
Tunisian team’s celebration after selecting for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Source: Sky Sports

During France’s Colonial Empire era, a couple of Tunisian players represented the FIFA World Cup as a part of the French team. In 1956, the Tunisian revolution worked well, and they became an independent country gaining their independence from France. 

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Next year, they formed the Tunisian Football Federation. Finally, in 1960, they became an official member of FIFA and CAF.  From the 1960s to the 1970s, Tunisian football celebrated its golden generation.

In 1963, Tunisia won its first major title at FIFA Arab Cup, defeating Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Jordan. Then, it began representing in several football tournaments like CAF Cup, Olympics, and other major games. 

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Later on, in 1978, Tunisia qualified for the Argentina World Cup and participated in the eleventh edition of World Cup football. As of 2022, Tunisia has won two African championships; the Africa Cup of Nations and the African Nations Championship. Tunisia’s main rivals are Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt. Currently, Italian sports brand Kappa sponsors their kits.

Tunisia at the FIFA World Cup

One of the strongest teams of CAF Tunisia, made five appearances in World cup football in the past. It played its first world cup in 1978 but could not surpass the group stages. Even averagely ranking at 36, Tunisia has failed to play in knockout stages over these years.

It took them two decades to return to FIFA World Cup football. Tunisia played three consecutive in the competition from 1998 to 2006. But, it lost the qualifying round in South Africa and Brazil’s World Cup.

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Tunisia made a selection for the Russia World Cup and out of the group stage. It also qualified for the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Tunisian fans hope that this time Tunisian team will surpass the group stage and create history in FIFA.

Tunisia FIFA World Cup 2022 squad/preparation

Tunisia is one of the African teams to represent in the soccer world cup, and it made its place for the Qatar World Cup in the last match even after drawing with Mali in March 2022. It will be in Group D, which includes Australia, Denmark, and defending champion France.

Tunisia will play the first match with Denmark on 22 November 2022 at Education City Stadium. Currently, Jalel Kadri is the manager, and Youssef Msakni is the captain of the Tunisian team. Kadri was an assistant coach before becoming the head coach in January 2022. Here are the potential Tunisian players who may represent the upcoming World Cup. 

Players NamePlaying Position
Ben Saïd, BechirGoalkeeper
Dahmen, AymenGoalkeeper
Talbi, MontassarCentre Back
Ifa, BilelCentre Back
Dräger, MohamedRight Back
Maâloul, AliLeft Back
Abdi, AliLeft Back
Mathlouthi, HamzaRight Back
Bronn, DylanCentre Back
Haddadi, OussamaLeft Back
Kaib, RamiLeft Back
Rekik, OmarCentre Back
Ben Lamin, AdamCentre Back
Laïdouni, AïssaCentre Midfielder
Ben Slimane, AnisCentre Midfielder
Ben Romdhane, Mohamed AliCentre Midfielder
Skhiri, EllyesDefensive Midfielder
Ghandri, NaderDefensive Midfielder
Sassi, FerjaniDefensive Midfielder
Chaalali, GhaylèneCentre Midfielder
Mejbri, HannibalAttacking Midfielder
Rafia, HamzaAttacking Midfielder
Ben Larbi, FirasAttacking Midfielder
Khaoui, Saîf-EddineAttacking Midfielder
Ben Ouanès, MortadhaAttacking Midfielder
Jaziri, SeifeddineRight Winger
Sliti, NaïmLeft Winger
Msakni, YoussefLeft Winger
Khazri, WahbiCentre Forward
Khenissi, Taha YassineCentre Forward
Jebali, IssamCentre Forward
Achouri, EliasRight Winger
Touzghar, YoannCentre Forward
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