Why Goals in Life is important

Why Should You need a Goal to live more comfortably than adjust?

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What is a Goal Anyway?

 According to famous people,  goal is an end toward which effort is directed. Goals in life make people different from crowd.
The Purpose of Goals
 The purpose of goals is to give you something that you want to enhance your life in some way, so the most important thing you need to know about goals is that you ought to have some.

Types of Goals

Long Term Goals:

10-year, 5-year and 1-year goals
Short Term Goals:
goals for the next 9 months, 6 months and 3 months
Immediate Goals:
1-30 days from now



      • How to Set Goals

Learning how to set goals is as important as knowing what the goal should contain. What’s important to remember about setting goals is the correct F.R.A.M.E. of mind. What is meant by “frame of mind?” Each letter in the word “frame” illustrates the following:

      • F.R.A.M.E

Fantasize – Dream your wildest dreams and make sure that your goals match your values. Ask yourself: what do you want to be doing in 1 year? 5 years? What kind of person do I want to be?
Reality – Fantasies can become a reality, depending on how hard you are willing to work for them.

Aim – Define your goal(s) by striking a balance between Fantasy and Reality; set a high but realistic goal.

 Method – Be truthful to yourself by narrowing your choices or goals to the ones you really intend to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Evaluation – Process the results, but don’t make it the last step; evaluation should be on going.

Goal setting works!!!!!!
Have you ever sat down on a Sunday evening in front of a pile work and asked yourself “What happened to the weekend?”

 When done properly, goal setting helps you do those day to day activities that you know you should do to be successful but don’t always get done.

 More generally, goal setting helps you to identify what you want to accomplish and find a way to do it.

5 Qualities of Effective Goals

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Before you begin your goal setting process it is important to know what qualities your goals should embody. Effective goals have three important qualities. They are realistic, measurable, and reviewed.


      • SPECIFIC

 The Goal should be SPECIFIC enough so that we know exactly for what we are striving.


 A goal must be MEASURABLE. It should have concrete facts. You should be able to answer very specifically, when and how you will know you attained your goal.


 ACTION-ORIENTED, declaring positive activity that will produce results.


 A goal must be REALISTIC. Challenging yourself is an important part of goal setting. You want to aim high; however, you also need to be realistic.


      • TANGIBLE

 Capable of being perceived.
Also… don’t forget…
Goals must also be…


 Finally, a goal must be REVIEWED.
 Share your goals with friends and family members who care about your success. Pick one of these persons who will hold you accountable in addition to yourself. In the meantime, remind yourself regularly of the goals you have set for yourself.
 You can write your goals in your calendar, on a mirror, or a desk-wherever you will see them often. Check your progress regularly.
 Ask your friend or family member to check on your progress. They might even offer you some additional incentive for accomplishing your goal!

Steps toward Setting Effective Goals

 ” The Establishment Of A Goal In Life Is The Starting Point Of All Success.” — BRIAN TRACY
1. Set Goals.
2. Identify what is important to you. What do you want to accomplish?
Make a list of what you feel are the best and most effective ways of reaching the goals you have already identified.

3. Select the best strategies

 Now that you have made a list of several ways to achieve your goal, recognize which of these strategies will work best for you.
Outline specific plans to accomplish each strategy.
Once you have narrowed down your strategy list, you can begin to make very detailed and specific plans to accomplish each strategy and ultimately reach your goal.
Once we have a well-formed Goal Statement, we need some direction to follow to achieve this Goal.


Setting goals is a means of identifying and plotting how you are going to achieve your aims in life. By writing down your goals, you are committing yourself to accomplish them; therefore, make sure that your goals are important to YOU!!!!!


      • Motivation


 Motivation and commitment are what make us strive for achievement. They give us the push, desire, and resolve to complete all of the other steps in the Goal process.
 This motivation can be obtained by developing a personal statement that creates a high level of emotion and energy that guarantees achievement.


      • <b>Motivation Story</b>


Once upon a time, there was a king who was very rich in wealth. One day he invited princes from different countries to marry with his daughter. He wants a brave prince who can keep his daughter safely and so his kingdom. King announced a challenge that “the person who can complete the river to another side only by swim will be my son in law and all kingdom too.” But In actual the river was full of snakes and crocodiles which was too scary for any. No, any prince puts his life into trouble for king’s daughter and kingdom.

Then a young villager jumps into the river. He was scary but with fear of large crocodiles and snakes I river leads him to another side of the river. King was very much impressed. He said, “young man you are going to marry my daughter and you will be next king after me, how you are feeling right now?” The man asked in loud, tell me who pushed me into the water?”

Moral: Sometimes we don’t know how much we are capable of our dreams and aims. But we think we cannot do that until someone pushes us into trouble and we somehow find a way to success in the end.


 Commitment creates more accountability and is what sets us on a direct course to reach our goals. It may create costly negative consequences upon failure to attain a goal.
 Making a commitment might be something like having invested your savings in your new business which you will lose if it fails. Motivation and determination are specific to your situation and life, and only you can form statements that will ensure you reach your goal the quickest.
 The more personal you make your motivation and commitment statements for each purpose, the more motivated you will be to accomplish your goal.


 Be ready to re-adjust your goals and not give up on them. If they are too easy, they won’t be worthwhile, and if they are too harsh, and you will start thinking that the idea of goal setting is worthless. Remember, small victories lead to big successes.

Why Goals Fail?
 The goal was not written down.
 Rewards for achieving the goals were not given.
 The goal was unrealistic or not specific enough.
 The goal is not really believable, or little commitment exists.
 Keep changing or switching goals with the weather
 The person who set the goal has not told anyone else for added accountability, help and support.
 The goal was not incorporated into a realistic plan that includes measurements, timelines, and resources.

The Benefits of Setting Goals

Suffer less from stress and anxiety
 Concentrate better
 Show more self-confidence
 Perform better
 Are happier


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