Turkish president Erdogan attends wedding as a best man of former German international footballer Mesut Ozil.

The former German international footballer Ozil, has married his dreamgirl fiance Amine Gulse, in Istanbul with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as his best man. Whoaa…

Ozil married former Miss Turkey Amine Gulse as Mr Erdogan and his wife watched on with 300 guests in 2019-06-08 on Friday’s ceremony at a luxury hotel on the banks of the Bospherous. Where Amine Gulse wore long white gown with open long hair hold a flower bouquet and Ozil was in plain black coat and white shirt with black pant.

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“One remains desolate, two competes with each other, three provides balance, four brings richness, the rest remains to God,” Mr. Erdogan said with media, drawing a chuckle from the couple and their guests.

“For years they called for birth control in this country, unfortunately, and attempted to cause our generation to become extinct,” Mr. Erdogan said.

Where they get married? And who were the private guest in the wedding ceremony of Ozil and Amine?

The wedding reception was officiated by Istanbul’s governor and acting mayor, Ali Yerlikaya, an honor bestowed on prominent figures in society and Turkey’s President Mr. Erdogan (as Ozil’s best man) and his wife, Emine Erdogan.

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According to local news reports, it was held at the Four Seasons hotel, a 19th-century palace on the shores of the Bosporus in Istanbul that is one of the most expensive venues in Turkey.

Who is the wife of Ozil?

Ozil married to Amine Gulse, a Swedish-born model who was crowned Miss Turkey in 2014 in finale, both were closely followed in Germany.

Who is Mesut Ozil? When was Ozil born? Read full biography of Mesut Ozil.

Mesut Özil born on 15 October 1988) is a German football professional, who plays on the Arsenal side F.C. He is considered to be one of the world’s most influential athletes.

Özil’s game is usually called the midfielder attacker, and he is played on the side of the winger. His career in the squad was Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga Championship, finishing his retirement and then returned to Werder Bremen with his £ 5 million loan. Fully adapting and focusing on the 2010 FIFA World Cup Cup, 22-year-old Ozil has played a major role in the club since reaching the semi-final semi-finals, where the winners have failed. Spain. Özil has been awarded a winner of the Golden Ball Award, and has been ranked as the most active assist in the European league competition, which has 25. That is why it was purchased for $ 15 million for La Liga club Real Madrid F.C.

In the fall of Madrid, Özil won the Copa del Rey in his first grandfather, and helped 17 (assists) winning the Spanish league next season. [5] He also won the Supercopa de España this season, where he won his technical skills and creativity; due to the agility, finesse and versatility of his midfielder attacker, is linked with Zinedine Zidane from former coach José Mourinho.

After the club was Kate’s favorite to follow in La Liga after Barcelona won the 2012-13 season, Özil England midfielder won the Premier League Premier League loan with a £ 42.5 million loan fee (£ 42m) € 50 million), is therefore the highest rate of all time. Like the first one, Özil has helped win the end of nine years without winning, winning the nine-year trophy drought, winning the FA Cup in 2014. He also won the winner in 2014. Two FA Cups, winning the FA Community Shield. Özil has set a record of most of the assists in the Premier League 2014-15, and puts it in the various specialized teams in England.

Ozil retired after FIFA World Cup 2018..

Worldwide, Özil has played 92 games for Germany, scored 23 goals, helped 40 assists. He also established the history of Germany’s five-year German Player of the Year awards. Özil represented his country in the 3-man World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and was among those who missed the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Euro 2012 Championship in South Africa. and Ukraine, making it one of the most helpful in both games (assist provider in both competitions). Özil also played a major role in the German presidency’s winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where he won plaudits for his versatility and creativity. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Özil retired from playing in his country after criticizing his discrimination and disrespect for the German Football Association (DFB) and its German-speaking companies.


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