Top 13 part time working places are discussed here who leads your pocket heavy.

The teen age is really painful if there is no sufficient money in your wallet. You got friends to chat all day all long but not all time we can afford that moments. We all get limited amounts for monthly expenditure or called pocket money but some time that is not last for first week of the month. But our parent make focus on our GPA rather than anything.

life of student

From my first semester of college, I was little bit trapped in between friends and pocket money. I got so best guys which makes my mood always superb but sometime that leads on poor attendance in college. Else that my friends including girls got so much brand type on wearing but some of there were of like me. So what? We were on a squad but not only that is sufficient; sometime money matters. With lots of load on my head I decided to work as part time after college. But where??? Finally I got a place to work by home basis type and I was happy what I was in. I got my time in my hand and friends too. Guys, go on reading, I will tell you where I was working and how I got that. But not all what I got was easy to caught but not too difficult. The 13 working place which I have mentioned here is definitely for boys and some rest of work is also for girls.
[NOTE: Must be familiar with DG cam (digital camera), High smart phones, Laptop, internet and fluent English] Working as a student means we must be aware of location, schedule, payment and the most important college work.
So if you are ready to face then here we go.

1. Photography:

If you got a DSLR or 20mp< digital camera and a good eye to observe the beauty in natural and environment. Google out the local photographers and get some train to click. And then start to clicks for college events. College events are like a crowd with all level of people and students, and you can earn good attention for links to their marriages and other ceremonies.

2. Waitron:
Generally, any ceremonies are selected for eve to night. And if you a student then you can manage time to work on these periods. Waitron is not hard to serve but you need to hold your sense of humor and soft skill to be there. And I think if you don’t care about people what they say then you can work here too.

3. Home Tuition:
This one is the most acceptable for us. We can have put our time for 1 or 2 hour of a day to junior students. This is the one of easy earning source without any pressure.

4. Drop shipping:
Drop shipping is the finest job in which you can earn more than expected. Generally drop shipping starts with your locality and shipping on your locality is not tough. Get the product from factory or company then add it on shipping process.

5. Bartender & DJ:
Bars and disco are almost everywhere in city and working as a bar tender or DJ is not harder if you know how to work there. And you may invited to other local events and college events too which means great income as a student.

6. Off campus work:
If you have a great link to other colleges then you can get so much of work to do by their students. Either for science projects, filling lab records, and also project reports.

7. Blogger:
Blogging is the best in the internet world either it is on business purpose or for e-earning. And it is unstoppable in today’s world. So if you are good in topic hunter then you can work as blogger. For blogging, you just need to add your vocabulary on paragraphs. This is because the pay through website is mostly based on page ranking so the more topics are spicy then the more pages got hit. So I think this one is most profitable job to invest your time.

8. Graphic or photo designer:
Everyone do love to edit photos and get some design on. If you are talented in editing most attractive ways then yes you can earn your pocket money by changing your passion into earning. Photo designing is the one of finest work in today’s time; either you are working for blogs, Facebook uploading, etc. we need a best edit on our images for more views and like buttons. Not only photos but also you can edit videos like marriages, college fest etc. You can go with your studies and earning.

9. Typing base:
Yeah, this one I selected for my pocket money source. This type of work is may be a lag type because the negative points of this work is so much and this is totally no sorry type. Means, if you made any mistake on paragraph writing just like a spell of word, article mistake or spacing then your income started to decrease. But for me it is good because this testes my mind’s presence on work and stability. This work makes you a better employee at company.

10. Interior Designer:
A lot of startups are increasing day by day and the most comfort and attractive part of any business is interior design. It attracts more customer than you expected. Time has change and all we want to have a better color and placing of house décor stuffs and yes, no one gonna took any chance for any complications on designs (for ex: marriage hall, festival looks, college fests) so interior designer is important.

11. Bike garage:
If you do love bike and other 2 wheeler vehicles then you can work in any garage. This is another way to make your passion into money. You are in college and you work in any garage then you got so much link with your college mates.

12. Home rent:
There are tremendous students and other people who are in search for room rents. The make a plan and put a commission price on both side after you make them fill. I think this one makes you one step cleverer than you are.

13. Marketing & Sales:
This is a great one to boost your resume and gain valuable professional skills. This is another level which increases your pocket money along your degree level. You gonna pay highly for the experiences after you pass out from college in training sessions, internships etc. So I think this is also better select for future too.


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