Tim Malone (Bio, Career, Don Lemon, Gay, Networth)

Tim Malone

Harsh courage to come out and reveal your sexual performance into the public. But when it comes to a real estate agent, Tim Malone is gay, and he is happy about being a gay man to the digital world. Well, the handsome guy is dating to his partner who is no other than the CNN host Don Lemon.

A little Closer to Tim Malone

Some of the data and records are secured or not even out in media, but according to the sources, he lived in MH, New York. He completed his high school in 1998 to 2002 from Southampton High School, NY and in 2006 he was graduated from Boston College in Journalism.

Tim Malone is 6 feet 03 inches height & at age 34 now but still looks handsome with a charming face. If we look for Tim pics on an Instagram account, we can have he often shares a post of his family including his siblings, niece, and nephew. And if we watch out the Don Lemon’s Instagram account where he shares a post with Tim’s parent on their marriage anniversary with a caption “Surprised @timpmalone’s parents with a 50-year-old classic ride to mass to renew their vows after 50 years. #happyanniversary Joanne & Dick. And thanks @chrisccuomo for letting us borrow your sweet ride”.

How the career of Tim comes to set at age 33?

Tim Malone chose History in a major subject with Journalism in college, so he put his one year to work in NBC Universal Page Program. After there, he switched to sales and Syfy in the same NBC. From 2013-2015, he pulled himself to be as Director, Brand Partnership in Billboard Music & the Hollywood Reporter. He kept on upgrading himself. And worked in tandem with editorial, marketing, account managing, licensing events and social teams to create compelling industry and consumer-facing partnerships with major brands. He quit all and now he is in The Corcoran Group.

Is Tim still single or in a relationship?

Tim is very open with his relationship to everyone. No, not with any girl but he is dating Don Lemon who is a lawyer of a porn actress Stormy Daniel.tim and don
Don Lemon is at 53 and duo are dating each other and sharing photos and videos in social apps. They don’t hesitate of being gay in the face of the digital world.

Don Lemon met Tim Malone at a bar

Many on twitter thought that Don Lemon met Tim Malone at a bar (New Orleans) at NY when he went to the New Year’s 2017 party but Lemon’s said “we did not meet at the bar. He was with me at the bar. But yes we met in NY”, and by adding, he said “I don’t care where you meet. If you are happy, you’re happy.” On live CNN NYE, he invited his boyfriend Tim on camera and duo shared a New Year’s 2018 kiss. But Tim was not the first date for Don Lemon. Don was in a relationship with CNN Producer; according to a 2011 interview he gave to NPR. He shared a little of his college period and said that his colleagues were aware of his homosexuality, but instead of that, he made more transparent with the media instead of keeping as a secret. He said “we live and die by people watching us. If I give people another reason not to watch me, that is a concern for me, and that’s a concern for whoever I am working for”. He added a bit on the same camera to NPR 2011 “my livelihood is on the line. I don’t know if people are going to accept me; if I will have a job. I don’t know how people will feel about this”.

Living Life of Tim as a professional

Tim Malone is living in Harlem, New York City as a Real Estate Agent. From his lifestyle and working experiences with NBC, billboard Partnership and currently working as an estate agent. Seems like his net worth is much better than any average real estate agents. He is a Real estate agent, and he must put his savings for future and present quality of life. Tim is a fast forward man from beginning so made himself so trained to be fitted in current position.


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