kanye visit President Trump

Trump is in love with Kanye.

Those who followed Thursday’s meeting when Kanye visits with President Trump.

Kim Kardashian is not embarrassed with Trump hug to Kanye.

It was like a surprise for fans and beautiful wife Kim but Kanye disclose his thought in front of President Trump.
Kim’s family told to media that Kim Kardashian is “not embarrassed” by her husband’s Comments, in which he spoke about an alternative universe and in some argued time which does not exist.

Very Supportive Wife

Kanye wife is very supportive and his spinning words as per second were his humor for Kim, when he suggested the forum for the WH meeting wasn’t the best representation of West’s generous.
A lot of footage may be wasted on that meeting because there was camera crew filming the whole session and after such result. They might be in confuse either to keep the recording for headlines or delete and walk away like nothing has happened today.

But for others that was most disgraceful and embarrassing act.


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