What is an SEM Specialist: duties, responsibilities and job description

Are you all set to dive in the digital marketing world? Do you know what SERP (Search Engine Result’s Page) is and how to make out a company page on the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? If we acquaintance with all; Congrats, you have a great career in the field of search engine marketing. Here today we’ll talk about SEM specialist duties and responsibilities. Don’t go anywhere.

What is SEM?

SEM Specialist
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Search Engine Marketing or SEM practice and applying of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for advertising the website. Either it is done by organic traffic (SEO), or you can also go through paid results (PPC).

What is a Search Engine Marketing Specialist/SEM Specialist?

SEM specialist also known as SEM strategist is important of the digital marketing team. His/her roles assigned by the Digital marketing head. Especially, SEM expert involves in the marketing and advertising of the website.

An SEM executive helps the organization to earn revenue, promote a product, brand awareness, retention and attraction of new customers, and increment in sales.

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It all has been achieved by the PPC, marketing campaigns, content marketing, referral marketing, native advertising, and keyword research.

Educational Requirements for SEM specialist

It is a new field in the world of education. You should have at least a bachelor’s degree in SEM. If you haven’t then you can also work as an SEM specialist, by taking professional certification of SEM by some renowned institutions. You may also go for the Diploma in SEM course.

Salary of the SEM Expert

Salary of the SEM Expert
Salary of the SEM Expert

The demand for SEM specialists is growing day by day. As per the sources, there is 24% percent of growth as an SEM specialist. Different kinds of organizations hired SEM executives for its overall development.

The average expected salary for an SEM specialist is $49,589, with falling at the lower end, $46,000 at the median, and $66,000 at the top. It’s also significant to know that as SEM specialists become SEM Managers, their expected median salary jumps considerably to $64,000.

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Defining the roles and duties of the SEM specialist:

As we all know, the SEM expert plays a prominent role in the organization. He/she has to manage and sort out all paid and non-paid search campaigns of Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as other search and advertising engines.

A successful SEM specialist can be executing tests, collect the data, and find out the trends to get the maximum ROI in search engines.

Roles, duties, and job description of the SEM specialists

  • Plan, developed and implement the SEO strategy
  • Analyze website and PPC for the advertising campaigns
  • Regularly working through the Keyword Research
  • Identify key SEO KPIs
  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports
  • Work with the expert to attract new customers
  • Involves and formulate plans and policies regarding customer retention, brand awareness, customer recognition
  • To identify the target audiences
  • Work along with the Website designers, web developers and executing SEO into the best practices.
  • Business case studies for an additional SEM expenditure.

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