What are the career options in Digital Marketing?

If we are in 2010, you surely laughing at me talking about career options in digital marketing. However in 2020, digital marketing outburst everywhere.

Digital marketing is the backbone of almost every organization. When you talking about digital marketing career; you always have a win-win situation.

There are lots of career opportunities in digital marketing. And the best part is you don’t need to worry about your education. Either you are Engineer, Lawyer or Management graduate anytime you can pursue a career in digital marketing.

So you may be confused, how could be this possible? Don’t be in dilemma. You have to involve a certification course in digital marketing. Here we’ll show you the career options in digital marketing.

SEO Manager

An SEO manager is responsible for planning, managing, and implementing the overall SEO strategy of a company. His/her main goal is to bring the sites on the top of SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). SEO manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Web Marketing
  • Planning a Content Management Systems
  • Implementing a social media strategy
  • Help digital marketing to run productive campaigns
  • Optimize the company’s website
  • Developed keyword strategy

Someone who has extensive understanding of the search engine industry, best practices, search engine algorithms and ranking strategies


Minimum of bachelor degree is needed, and at least two years of SEO experience.

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PPC Manager

A PPC manager involves in launching and optimizing PPC campaigns, examining budgets and analyzing search platforms accounts which includesInstagram, Facebook, and Bing. His/her work responsibilities includes:

  • Formatting effective paid search strategies
  • Oversee the accounts on search platform (Google Adwords, Bing)
  • Involved in the keyword selection
  • Analyzing of data
  • Increasing traffic through data optimization

PPC is all about overseeing the search engine platform and analyzing the data given by the digital marketing team.

Minimum Qualification:

Minimum of bachelor degree in digital media, multimedia, online marketing or related field.


As a blogger, you have to produce content in the form of the articles. Content is the lifeblood of the digital marketing strategy. Therefore you have to produce high-quality content. Your specific responsibilities are

  • Write in a perfect way that attracts your audience
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Generating researching
  • Educate others through your writing describing products and services
  • Attract new readers
  • Working along with the SEO team

If you someone passionate about writing, then it will be the best-suited job for you.


Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Major English, journalism or communication. 


As an influencer marketer, you have to work together with influential person to promote products or brand of your company. Furthermore, you interact with your followers: Your job responsibilities are:

  • Promoting the brand and services
  • Use hashtag to make sure your posts flow in several social media page
  • Developing and implementing influencer marketing strategies.

If you have a good hand on social media, then you can excel in this job

Qualifications: A good knowledge of keyword social media platform and have strong influence on brand strategy and target audience.

Content Marketing Manager

Perhaps you have heard “Content” is King”. Therefore to write articles and content, you need some writers. About that, we’ll talk later.

Content Marketing Manager

A Content Manager is a person who makes a decision what is to be written, who is going to write and publish. His/her several roles include:

  • Develop and implement content strategy
  • Assisting writers and editors
  • Collaborate with the designing team how to develop and make the style of content
  • Create and publish content
  • Proofread and improve the work of writers and editors

A good content manager must have good commands in English. He/she must have basic knowledge of HTML, a good understanding of SEO and can handle Content Management Systems (CMS) department.

Minimum Qualification: At least Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or Communication. Must have 2-3 years of experience as an editor or senior writer.

Content Writer

A content writer is the heart of the digital marketing team. He/she is the person who creates, writes and publishes articles for the products or websites. His/her roles and responsibilities include

  • Writing content as per the demand of clients
  • Conducting research on any given topic
  • Follows the guidelines and instructions of the editor
  • Produce high quality and error free content

A content writer must be passionate about writing. He must have excellent verbal and communication skills. Moreover, the writer must ensure the time management tactics to achieve organizational goal.

Minimum Qualification:

Intermediate or Bachelor in English or Journalism. Must have a keen interest in writing. 

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is a most prominent part of the digital marketing team. His/her work is to making original text, video content, managing the posts and responds to the audiences.

  • Promoting the company brand and products
  • Interacting with the social media followers
  • Answer the queries to the audiences
  • Posting updates

Anyone who enjoys designing and implementing social media strategy and has capability of setting objectives and reporting ROI, then this job is best for you.


A strong understanding of Social Media platform that converts leads to sales. An SEO knowledge is an added advantage.

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