The dos and don’ts of Virtual meetings:

Meetings are important for the organization. Normally the employer and employees spend their precious time in meetings to achieve their valuable goals. Every organization conducts meetings before setting goals and objectives for their organization. They conducted meeting for the development and betterment of their organization. The organization has various branches like Marketing, HR, Research & Development, Finance, and others. The head of all branches conducted to survive among their competitors. For instance, the head of the marketing department organizes meeting to set marketing goals and strategies.

Information technology has a great influence on Virtual meetings. With the development of modern technology, virtual meetings become possible and it is fruitful for employers and employees too. A virtual meeting is about meeting with employees at a distance by using technology. Virtual meetings help to establish rapport between employers and employees. Virtual meetings help to maintain close and mutual connections between them. Virtual meetings are crucial and essential for the organization. The do’s and don’ts of virtual meetings are written below.

Do: Choose the correct technology

dos and don’ts of Virtual meetings
dos and don’t s of Virtual meetings

For virtual meetings, you must have the correct technology. Your appropriate technology helps you to achieve your goal. If you have a laptop computer, then you should be conscious of it.

You must check the microphone and the videos if you are meeting head.

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Don’t: Leave all of your windows and programs open:

You better shut down your email and other yahoo or Google messengers before your virtual meetings.

Do: Describe the goals of the virtual meetings:

The virtual meeting helps you to save time and money. It allows you to increase your productivity. You had better make it as quick and reliable as possible. Plan and organize your agenda, and you must make them what the purpose of your plan is.

You had better clearly understand your purpose and intentions for your meetings.

Don’t: Interrupt listeners

Throughout virtual meetings, you should not interrupt your listeners. If your listeners or spectators listen properly to you and give positive feedback, you must not interrupt him.

Do’s: Speak clearly and concisely:

You should speak clearly and concisely through the virtual meetings. If you are unable to speak clearly then you, have negative conclusion of your virtual meetings. If your listeners heard you clearly then it will be fruitful for you and your organization.

Don’t: Don’t dress appropriately

While virtual meetings you better dress appropriately. You must wear formal attire. Suit, paint, tie and shoes. If you wear Pyjamas or Trouser throughout the meetings then it will be totally disgraceful and shameful for you. Remember first impression is last impression. If you have a good start then you can achieve your desire goal.


Videoconferences can be best technological tool for virtual meetings. It provides flexibility and freedom to the employer and employees. Organizations are still finding the way of online business. For an online business, they are continuously involved in research and development programs.

Eventually we can say that Information technology played great role for virtual management and virtual meetings.