SEO related myth-busters and facts

Search Engine Optimization or SEO; perhaps you all once heard about it. In the past some years, this “SEO” word is widely popular everywhere. It is a key to achieving a business goal. It is a technique that helps the business persona earn a huge name and money.

Here we are talking about top SEO myth-busters & facts that will be fruitful when you started work on your website.

A Higher Bounce rate influences my ranking:


A high bounce rate could be

  • You have an appropriate amount of information and provide readers what they searching for
  • Your readers didn’t like what they got

Higher bounce rate doesn’t influence your website ranking but possible there will be a deficit on your website.

If there is a high bounce rate, you better check the loading time on Google Analytics and some other metrics to find out if it is a good or bad high bounce rate.

Content is King:


Content is the most prominent part of any website. If you have high-quality content; you can easily excel among your competitors. When talking about content; quality is always better than quantity.

Be sure your content is relevant, understandable, and properly organized; so your viewers can easily understand.

SEO and Social Media don’t interrelate with each other:


SEO and social media is not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They both match up perfectly.

By writing content; you can distribute it on social pages like Facebook and several other social media platforms. After social media sharing, you will have greater exposure and your sites have a proper rank on SERPs

Local SEO Doesn’t Matter


The SEO myth is dreadful away from the truth. If your location depends on customers within a geographic location, local SEO always have a key role.

Yeah, it is a fact local doesn’t help your site to rank keywords. However, it helps people to find your business who are nearer to you.

Page Speed is not important:


You always want to find the answer to the questions as fast as possible. As per the sources, people are concerned about the speed of the page.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Google has acknowledged the page of the speed is always matters and mighty important to SEO.

Meta description plays a key role for ranking:


SEO experts said that it is a totally myth that Meta descriptions plays a key role for ranking. Google doesn’t use tags in META. This matters but only for viewers.

Meta Description is Important: Source- Searchmetrics

Just one time of activity and forget the SEO:


A lot of people have a myth just one time of SEO, but it is a continuous process of optimization. SEO is not a one-time marketing channel. In the year 2020, it is a proper strategy which develops a website, and product and excel in the business regularly

Matching Keywords in title and content:


Matching keywords in title and content, this SEO tactic is applicable some years ago. These days if you depend on Technical SEO slowly your site is moving towards the Blackhole of SERPs. Your content is found on pages no.2 or 3. Quality content, clear and factual information about the particular subject ranked for a long time.

If you have more backlinks; your site will be much better:


Link building is essential for SEO to rank your sites. But as per the top SEO expert; yeah it is good but not all the links are good ones. Quality is always better than quantity. You should always use a high-quality organic look to rank your site.

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Keyword stuffing boosts your page:


The strategy to make too many keywords for your page ranking is a vague term. It is applicable past some years. However, in 2020 keyword stuffing does not give a sense, and you cannot rank your page higher.

According to experts view, you can use semantic words and focus on content strategy rather than keyword density.

The “S” in HTTPs doesn’t matter:

If you think “S” in HTTPs doesn’t matter; then you are in the wrong track.

As S stands for secure, and it is normally preceded by a little lock as you saw left side on the top of the sites.

Having a secured site is useful as it saves your businesses away from hackers, malware attacks, spam and many other troublesome.

If you haven’t done this to your site; then it should be your top priority.

A Few Broken links won’t affect my website:


As you know, Google’s duty is to crawl your all site. When Google knew, your website has broken links; Google thinks your site properly not managed and being neglected.

Voice search is a trend nothing to do with ranking:


You are wrong again, voice search is just not a trend; it is the future of Search Engine Optimization. It’s not a fashion that works for a short frame of time.

Top-notch companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple give higher priority to their voice search by adding smart speakers including video capabilities.

When Apple launched Siri in the year 2010; it has been popular all over the world.

As per the sources, in the year 2020 20% per cent of Google search voice search.

All you need is on-page SEO:


On page is SEO is important if you want to rank your site on the Google page. On page SEO like Meta descriptions, Alt Text, Title tag, Improving SSL/HTTPS, proper URL structure, internal linking, and page performance really help to boosts your site.

However, only On-page SEO is not important, apart from that you can have user experiences, off page optimization and conversion.

Mobile searches outrank desktop searches:


For past some years, mobile search outranks desktop search. As you must notice, 90% per cent of site is mobile friendly; they run easily on any smartphone.

This mobile-friendly site is quite fruitful for the website.

Readable URLs are better:


If you can make a proper structure of URLs, just do it. Readable URLs gain a competitive advantage and helps you to grow your site. However, the search engine also prefers readable URLs.

Sites that come on the first page of Google have an average of 1890 Meta-words:


This is one of the facts of SEO. The site that comes on the first page have has an average of 1890 Meta-words.

Videos don’t help in search ranking:


As you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine; and you can search and watch any kind of video on this platform. So we can say that the above statement is just an SEO myth.

Google also gives importance to the video. Whatever is your query on the search engine, you have high chances to get on the first page of the search results.

SEO can be easily done by my IT officer and web designer:


Someone who knows computer perhaps he has lots of technical knowledge. SEO function is not tough but there is something more than technical knowledge. You should be expert on this.

SEO is free:


Yeah, it is a fact. SEO is free. If you have a site, then you can do yourself SEO, you don’t need an expert. You can take help from Google, Moz, Ahrefs, and others.

Longest Contents rank better:


A typical SEO myth is that if you have longer content approx 2000 words you rank better. However, the fact does not matter whether your content is long or short. You should fulfil each of the information that the viewers seeking for.

Hope you like this topic-SEO myth-busters & facts – stay tuned for further updates.

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