How to do successful online interviews

In the past some years, online interview have been famous in several companies. Renowned top-notch companies Google, Microsoft, TCS, IBM, Infosys always conduct online interviews to hire employees. Primarily due to the Corona Pandemic, an organization had hired the company staff via online interviews. So how will you prepare for the online interview if you are a beginner? Here are some tips and suggestions from experts which will undoubtedly help you. 

Do a test with your Computer

In these days, technology is awe-inspiring, and with the online interview, you must feel comfortable before attending it.

At first, you have to be comfortable with which method you are going to use (Skype, live, Zoom, Facetime, Telegram).

Once you get comfortable, you better test your internet connection as well as audio or the video of your laptop. So, there will be no interruption during the interviews. 

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Ask every detail about the Interview

As you are going to interact with new people, you better ask every detail about the interview. Through which you have to face an interview.

For instance, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or others. What is the total duration of the interview? How many people going to interview you?

Pick the best Spot

Remember, you must select the perfect spot for the interview. Make sure your place isn’t dark and stay away from overhead lights. If possible, try to give an interview near the window; natural light is far better than artificial. 

Besides that, you’re interviewing out of the noise. Make possible no disruptions make by your family and friends during the interview. 

Practice, Practice & Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. You must practice before your interview. If it is your first time, then you may ask someone who already experienced online interview. Furthermore, you can also see some online interview tutorials on YouTube. 

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Sit Up and dress professionally

Whether you are being interviewed in an organization or online. You must have a formal dress and sit up straight. Perhaps, you heard the first impression is the last impression.

Proper dress for online interview
Proper dress for the online interview

Therefore, first impression matters, and it comes up with your sitting style and the professional dress.

Make eye-on-eye contact

Last but not the least…eye contact is essential either in the traditional interview approach or online.

Instead of looking on the screen, make eye contact via webcam and stay engaged.

Final Thoughts

 If you are a beginner or have never given this type of interview. Just relax and don’t take stress too much.

After having the interview, you may also offer thank you note to the organization by email. Ask if the hiring process is still ongoing or if you have to face the second phase of the interview. 

Note: Remember always give a smile and convey thanks after the end of the interview. 

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