Google and its relationship with the SEO Community

The employee of the Rusty Brick, Inc, named Martin Split and Barry Schwartz attempted to figure out the delusion related to Google relationship with SEO community marketing agencies.

This has happened because Google is hiding the truth from the SEO marketers, or there is some other meaning behind what Google stated publicly.

In a YouTube video of September 3, 2020, Splitt and Schwartz clarified from Google Side. In their videos, they talked about how the featured snippets influenced the traffic, the aspects that make a top-quality website, the way Google communicate with the SEO community and many more.

They together formulated several topics of the discussions which are:

•        What means ‘it depends’?

•        Featured Snippets Stealing Traffic

•        Transparency

•        What means “the best possible website”

•        SEO twisting Google Words

What means “It Depends” depend on?

When the SEO community asks the Google questions, they normally get the reply “it depends”. For this Splitt listed the several factors

•        Is it a new Site?

•        Is the Site undergoing a move

•        Has there been in any changes in the URL structure

•        How the servers of the site look like?

•        How fast is the site?

•        Does the site content have maximum competition?

•        Is there any duplicate content on-site?

As Splitt suggested, it depends on so many several things, you may figure out the entire process of your site.

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Using of Featured Snippets to whip Traffic from Google

They both talked about featured snippets and stated it is the way of debate between publishers and Google.

Some publishers mentioned that the readers are less likely to click the links because they already see the information on the Google search result page.

Using of Featured Snippets to whip Traffic from Google
Using of Featured Snippets to whip Traffic from Google Photo by Impulsive creative

Splitt also stated featured snippets screening detailed info in more qualified traffic. According to him, Google strategy to minimize the “zombie traffic” on websites as well as linking publishers and readers together.

Besides, Splitt said complaint tends to come from those people whose content is low quality and poor.

The perfect balance between Too Little and Too Much Transparency

Splitt stated it is quite tough for Google to maintain a perfect balance between too little and too much transparency.

If Google is too much transparent then SEO community may misunderstand or take it out of the framework. On the other hand, if it is not transparent enough, everybody makes complain about its lack of information.

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Despite these all obstructions, Google provides as much information to the SEO communities and website owners.

What means “the best possible website”

Google constantly advised the site owners to make “the best possible website” but what exactly does this mean?

According to Splitt, the site owners should make the prominent site for their users. It also engaged user testing what your spectators like to read.

SEO Twisting Google Words

SEO twisting google words

Splitt admitted he loves a chat and talk with the SEO community. However, the fun moment gets bitter when people start twisting his words.

Eventually, Google developers make sure that there is no concealed meaning the words they spoke.

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