Our new god and new religion.

Soon we will have new god and new religion.

Artificial intelligence

What will happen when people follow a new god who lives in our technology and depends on our working model? Yes, it is possible.
Some of the sci-fi movies had shown already AI is developing rapidly without hands of human after it is started. We ask AI bot to check the weather, traffic on roads, flight schedules and also so many are listed which we can make AI work. Some of the engineers are depending on the working accuracy and intelligence of AI, and why not they believe, it gives incredible results.

Sounds bizarre but Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be going to be new god for human by 2029. Computers and technologies are developing more rapidly than any other. Moreover, now, the geek person Stephen Hawking has mentioned already AI could destroy humanity soon. We recently heard about Mark Zuckerberg and his AI which leads to damaging the Facebook and creating another language for new bots. After that we all people knew that how much it could be the danger if it gets the rise. There is no doubt it would take the place of human not only in working locations but also in real life.
Just want to add another objection upon AI, the busiest country Japan is on the top level of using new gadgets everywhere. They are so keen on their works that they use the device for pleasure and entertainments. They soon depend on bots, and after Saudi, Japan is trying to adopt the AI bot on their daily life. “The recent coverage of AI as a single, unified power is a predictable upshot of a self-aggrandizing Silicon Valley culture that believes it can summon a Godhead,” says Thomas Arnold, a research associate at Tufts University’s Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory.
An AI could write a bible for how to live and expect humans to become subservient. It’s one reason Elon Musk has decried the dangers of AI, saying superintelligence is more dangerous than North Korean nukes. Musk has slammed the concept of an AI “god.”
We saw Resident Evil Retribution’s RED QUEEN, Echelon Conspiracy’s AI spying software, Fast & Furious 7’s GODS EYE and many more which shows different-different technologies and also proves that AI can be more dangerous after it rises into the system and human life.

However, if we see the AI from their feet, AI bot can be useful if we take them into real life with good purposes because it is likely a parrot repeats same lines what is taught in the beginning.
Of course, a super-intelligent AI would likely not want to be worshipped, preferring to merely guide humanity in ways that we perceive as being (mostly) helpful.


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