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Nick Zano is an American actor who for the past decade and more has wowed fans with his versatile acting ability. His passion for writing, directing and acting can be seen throughout his career.

Nick Zano Bio, Age (40 yrs)

Nick Zano was born on the 8th of March,1978 in Nutley, New Jersey, USA. He is currently of age 40 years. He stands at a decent height of 6 inches or 1.83 m.

Growing up, Zano did not have a relationship with his biological father. In a 2018 Instagram post, he mentions that he never met his father and that he grew up with his grandfather, step-father and his mother, Linda Calise.

As for his ethnicity, he is said to have Italian/Sicilian and Irish ancestry. His surname “Zano” is of Sicilian roots.

Nick Zano Career

Nick Zano
As a young kid growing up, the New Jersey native originally had the dream of becoming a Navy Seal. However, that all changed when he watched the 1990’s movie Goodfellas. It was then Zano knew what he wanted to do and thus began his journey to fulfill his dream.

Zano has starred in some series, but his big break came when he landed a role in the Warner Bros series “What I Like About You.” Since then, he has made numerous appearances on numerous hit series . “2 Broke Girls”, “Seventh Heaven,” “Cougar Town” are few amongst a list of many.

Nick Zano’s Girlfriend (Kat Dennings) had a complicated second pregnancy.

Good looks and excellent acting ability has helped Nick Zano amass a large number of the fan base. Many of whom are female fans rather than male fans. However, regardless of those numbers, there is only one person who has genuinely stolen his heart. Leah Renee Cudmore has been the love of his life since 2013. The two have stayed in a relationship ever since. However, they have yet to tie the knot and be labeled Husband and Wife. They two couple have stayed low-key about their relationship, and it is unclear as to when Nick and Leah will finally decide to get married. It seems they will take their time before they finally decide to tie the knot.

The pair welcomed a baby girl to their small family in 2018.

Actor Nick Zano is holding his second child.

In a heartfelt Instagram post in 2018, Zano revealed that his girlfriend Kat Dennings went through a complicated pregnancy and that their newborn daughter had to go through life-saving surgery a day after her birth, but through intensive care, their little angel has recovered and is now happy, healthy and loved.

Rumors had been circulating Nicks’ sexuality and that whether he could be gay. However, Zano was quick to dismiss those rumors and that he, his girlfriend are happy with their small, growing family.

Zanos’ Net Worth ($3 million)

Through multiple roles and guest appearances, Zano has amassed quite a fortune through his time in the acting business. He has starred in many successful series as the lead role and has made guest appearances in infinite hit series. He also hosted the MTV TV series Movie House which gained him fame and possibly fortune. Along with acting, Zano has also dipped his fingers in the producing aspect of the business. All this has led to him accumulating a hefty sum of money throughout his career. As of 2018, Zano is reported to have a net worth of about $3 million. Not an inadequate amount to have.


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