Nepalese are on queue for employment in Korea instead of Malaysia and other Golf Countries.

Kathmandu – Prime Minister KP Oli said in Bhaktapur on Friday, “No Nepalese foreigners should not leave the work.” After hearing the remarkable speech of the Prime Minister, Sankhavasabha, 21, Karn Bahadur Adhikari, 21, of Chewa, gave Korean language examination under Employment Permission System (EPS). .

He said, “Passing the first language to South Korea is to pass the examination,” he said. So I have given the test. ‘

The officer is a third-year student graduate in the management faculty in Shankardev Camp. Three years ago, Kathmandu poured out Kathmandu for higher education, due to financial problems, he brought him to Korea. SLC passed the first and plus to second class.

He came to Kathmandu by studying the dream of being able to study and to become self employed in the country. “I came from the village that I was studying in Kathmandu, Korea is not going to go,” he says, but it is not easy to read, stay here and make sure to spend first time.

He should pay Rs. 3,000 rupees to stay with the partner at the old age. He has been involved in the efforts of foreign employment for some time due to the increasing cost and financial shortage. Some months ago Japan has learned Korean after failing to go to Japan. The ear of 6 children of Asabawawa is forced to make them financial. Their fathers work in Saudi Arabia.

“I have the obligation to get involved in employment and leaving education.”

Hatauda, ​​19 year old, Sunita Tamang also studied the Korean language examination after studying BAD for the first year. While studying at Herald International College, he did not get the examination of the BAD when he was able to distinguish Korean language. Often the older people have learned Korean language. Home has reached Korea for a long time. Her brother was two years after her arrival in Korea. ‘The more articles we read, the job is not to be done, the job is to go abroad, try to try again. The brother also said to give an examination, “she said.

Not only Karna Bahadur and Sunita, the story of many EPS exams is similar to the same. According to the Foreign Employment Department, EPS Korea branch, 9,326 youths are examining Saturday and Sunday. According to the EPS branch spokeswoman Shobhakar Parajuli, only 10,000 of them can go to Korea. 21 in Kathmandu, 7 in Lalitpur and four exam centers in Pokhara have been set.

Those who give language exams for limited quota going to Korea are increasingly struggling. In the year 2018, 82 thousand 235 had given the examination. He had only passed 7,7 9 9. Despite the competition, the desire to reach Korea to earn is ‘Nepal’s first dream’. Kul Bahadur Roka, 37, of Bellabari, Moreng gave two times EPS exams before. The third time the examination came to Kathmandu for the day, he said, “There is no employment in the country due to political instability, even if the work is hard, it is good to pay in Korea. Even if your family and culture is forgetting, it is a dream to go to Korea, trying to do it.

According to the 30-year-old Manso Subba, 30, who had been given the examination in the first half of the Nepali youth, was found to be a good service, convenience, honor and work environment compared to the Gulf country. Wanggal Tamang, 18, of Jhapa, Damek agrees in the statement of Subba. “It is necessary to earn after the fixed time, if there is no force from home for immediate reason, I have come to Kathmandu to learn the language by thinking my own thoughts,” he said.

Spokesperson Parajuli said that the government opened the way to work with Korean language exams since 2008. Earlier, manipulate and personal initiative reached a low number of Korea. Through EPS, 61,727 people have reached Korea for employment. During this period 5,588,696 people have examined. But 70 thousand only passed passengers.

Korea is taking its country by giving attractive salaries to agricultural and productive groups to non-profit workers who have not been living in the age of 39 years. Now, the minimum salary of Nepali workers is monthly. The government is involved in the process of sending the workers to Korea.

The risk of labor exploitation and cheating in the Gulf country is very low in Korea. Korea has implemented the system that has to be passed in a language examination test for sep from this year.

Currently, the examination of ‘manual’ by applying the NorthBook Reserve will be computer based on the next year.

Once passed the language examination, Nepalese can reside in Korea nine times eight months eight times. After the first 4 years of 10 months, the workers should renew the labor agreement. Then add 4 hours more for 4 months. According to spokesman Parajuli, Korea has become attractive destination for Nepali youth.

The government has announced that the employment opportunities for the development of public development through policy and programs and budget of the current fiscal year 2075/76 and ending the situation in which any Nepalese civil obligation should go to foreign employment within five years. The government is involved in sending Nepalese youth to employment in foreign countries, even sending Korean language abroad, sending Korean youth.

According to the EPS branch, on Saturday morning and in the afternoon, 46 thousand 1016 were examined. In the examination 4 thousand 37 were absent. 47 fake examinations were also arrested. The results of the examination are given in 19 days to be published. Parasuli said that passing by, “Korea will not be guaranteed.” He said that the results of passing passage will be valid only for two years, but the number of Nepalese passports passed by the examination is not valid.


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