Movies that can drive you to somewhere after watching.

World best movies that makes you feel relax and help you to move forward in your life.

life change

1. The pursuit of happiness: If you are not so strong but you have guts to do something special in your life then try to see what you can do better than other one. In the movie “Pursuit of Happiness” is one of the best to learn something extraordinary which can put you in tough situation and there you can build something special for your own happiness. Do not make ever think to move back where you never been there, and don’t give up.
2. The Shawshank Redemption: If you think you are tired to do trying for success and still not get then must watch “The Shawshank Redemption”. This movie makes you feel that “Nothing is impossible” and this sentence is just not only to talks on.
3. The social Network: everyone knows and friendly with Facebook but no one knows how mark Zuckerberg battled for his success. If you have an idea and you are not doing with that then its your mistake. No one knows where your project can put you. If you know about your success and damn sure then you have to battle with each and every one because no one is goanna take your seat and feels like “oh my god it’s hot”. It’s you project and A dream too. And you are only one person in the world to have the same dream.
4. Catch Me If You Can: If you are brave and smart enough to do anything then you must seat at home and reading this post. Try your luck and put some guts to face problems. And don’t forget “success doesn’t come over a night”.
5. The Battleship: If everyone is annoying you for your behavior and stuffs you do in your real life but having all these you still want to be successful in your life then learn something more from this movie that can surely help you to rise.
6. Hacksaw Ridge: Forget everything what other tells. Clear your brain. Do what you want to do. If you fight for your place, for your existing then only you can make your own pale in this world.
7. The Revenant: This is not only a movie depends on Leonardo and his superb play; if you have 99% of negative chances and only 1% is there that can drag you from hell to happiness then you must not miss this one. 1% is also a place where you have open doors for success. Either die or go for your best of the best walk for 1%.
8. Godfather: If you are facing problems then start to create problems for them and beyond them. People only do fight with known things. If you put something new for them then they cannot put sense. And now you can work on your stuffs. It is 1971 times but still works.
9. The Everest: Never had fell into the serious problem or never had been stick to the problems then watch this movie and you might came to know how quickly something got change that makes you feel alone.
10. A Beautiful Mind: You are unknown of your mistakes and you recurring-ly doing same stuffs then try to watch this movie without cry and see what makes you far from your close mates.


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