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The life of Mariah Huq, the producer of Bravo’s Married to Medicine, was also once filled with total downs–from husband’s cheating to the miscarriage. However, she did not allow the pain to engulf her which is why she is tasting the happiest moments of her life now.


Mariah Huq Bio

The favorite American Television producer was born on 22 October 1978 in Tennessee, United States. For education, she attended the University of Tennessee where she double majored in Business Science and Communication Science.


Before the production of the TV show Married To Medicine, Mariah worked at a local NBC affiliate WRCB TV as an associate producer. Eventually, she even hosted and produced the lifestyle show Trends. Moreover, Mariah Huq, aged 40, also held positions in Pfizer and LMA Worldwide.




Mariah Huq’s Status Now: Husband And Children

No doubt, an American producer, who is at the age of 40 is a married woman! She is married to her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq, and has two children named Ethan and Lauren.

Digging furthermore into the relationship life of Mariah and Aydin, it is known that the couple met each other at Atlanta. While both of them were having some meal over Justin’s restaurant, the pair fell in love with each other, giving the path to further their relationship.

After a couple of years of dating, when the couple was ready to take their relationship into the grandest stage, the couple tied the wedding knot and married, and that was on 19 March 2005.


While the couple may have been married for more than 13 years now, their love for each other is still fresh and agile as it was when they first met in Justin’s restaurant. The couple even shared a photo relishing their thirteen years of togetherness back in the year 2018.




Mariah Huq and Aybin Huq celebrates their thirteen years of married life on 21 March 2018

Even though the couple never really shared the sad moments of their married life. Mariah uncovered the truth that her husband Aydin has, indeed, cheated on her in the year 2015. The revelation came upon in an episode of Married To Medicine that aired on 16th February 2018. She announced while empathizing to her mate, Dr. Jackie Walters.


“It’s OK to fight for your marriage. You don’t owe an explanation to any f****n’ body. I’ve been where you are, I have. Yeah [with Aydin]. Nobody’s exempt, Toya. We’ve been married over a decade, and we have had issues like everybody else and infidelity has come up in my marriage just like everybody else.”


Despite some setbacks in their relationship life, the couple did not divorce as they quickly settled the matter between them. And it was in the same year, that all of a sudden, Mariah suffered miscarriage leading to the loss of twin children.


That is why they are tasting the happy moments of their relationship now. Since the matter was already settled between them, Aydin took care of her and never let her feel down. To make her feel happy during such devastating moments, he even bought a media company for her. And one must say he is the main reason why many people never saw a moment of gloominess in her face.


Except for some occasional setbacks, the couple has never felt hard times in their relationship. As an owner of the enormous net worth of $4 million, Mariah has also bought a lavish house for her family.





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