Maluma, Anitta and Becky G -Remix Lyrics

Maluma Singer real name is Juan Luis Londono and is a famous and popular as Colombian singer and songwriter who is also famous for his single Taboo, Miss Independent, Primer Amor, Pasarla Bien, La Temperatura and Felices Los 4.

Maluma song

Anitta, Maluma, and Becky G have dropped the “Mala Mia” remix, and the fans have taken this new version to another level.


Here you have the “Mala Mia” translated lyrics below.



I remember how many things everyone spoke


How macho and how many more things said


But I know that at the disco you danced it


Look, I’m taking over the whole world


[Maluma & Becky G]


This is my life


It’s just mine


You don’t live it


If it bothers you, well, my bad


This is my life


It’s just mine


It does not matter what you say


Deep down they love me and that’s why they imitate me


[Becky G]


I do not know how many tequilas I took


Combined with krippy and abused


I took advantage of the fact that nobody was looking at me


And with a guy and a girl I kissed


They want to criticize me, what I do is wrong


What you think is crazy, it is normal for me


Give, give, give, give


It does not matter what they don’t say


Give, give, give, give


If you want ‘that I follow


Here I am yo-yo to give you what you want, baby


Here I am yo-yo, give me your number to see you again




[Becky G & Maluma]


I kissed your girlfriend, my bad


I had drinks, my bad


I screwed up at the party, my bad


I’ve always been like this, all you ‘knew’


[Anitta & Maluma]


Some don’t understand


That women have sex


As free as men


And I answer: “Then”


“Go fuck, leave the machismo”


“Do not tell me, if we’re the same”


And if you do not understand yet, I would tell you


“My bad”


i am the ceo.

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