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Jeffrey Lichtman has been an active criminal defense lawyer since the last three decades and has garnered his profession solving several criminal cases.
Besides Jeffrey’s prosperous career, he also has a beautiful family life to boast about.

How closely we knew Jeffrey Lichtman?

Jeffrey was born on 5 June 1965 in Newark New Jersey and later raised in Clark.
At the age of 14, his parents divorced, and his childhood was couldn’t be good as others lucky ones.
Having a deep interest in law from a young age, he decided to pursue career in this field.





Jeffrey’s Education

Jeffrey went to Emory University and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Arts.
Later, Jeffrey graduated from Duke University School of Law with a J.D(Doctor of Law).
Highly ambitious from his childhood, he started his law firm in 1999 and opened offices in Midtown Manhattan.
In his journey of law, Jeffrey has contributed a lot. He has defended famous rappers like The Game and Fat Joe. One of his major work includes the saving of three murder conspiracy, fraud charge of 25 million dollars.
Well, his career did not only limit on law firms as the 53-year old lawyer also was an active radio personality.


Jeffrey Lichtman as a Trial attorney

Jeffrey hosted the radio show on AM 970 The Answer for two years. As of now, he works on his firm Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman as a Trial attorney and makes an average salary of 81K dollars.
However, Jeffrey’s exact figure of net worth is yet to be confirmed.

Jeffrey Lichtman personal and professional life


Married, Wife

Jeffrey is one of those celebrities, who do not prefer to mix his personal and professional life.
However, it has come to highlight that the talented person is a committing-married man.
Jeffrey is happily married to his beloved wife, Nance. Though, there is no exact information about the pair’s married life, their sons are a proof Jeffrey is married to Nance for more than a decade.
Well, the pair share two wonderful twin boys, whose information is yet to be revealed.


Jeffrey’s wife Nance gave birth

Jeffrey’ wife Nance gave birth to their sons before the date. Because of this, Nance and the kids had some medical problems and had to stay at the Mount Sinai Hospital for 63 days.
During the time, Jeffrey was solving one of the greatest trial of Mr Gotti.

Therefore, he had to make time for his family and prison for Mr.Gotti.

Despite the hectic schedule and sleepless nights, Jeffrey never compromised on his profession and family life that showed his true dedication in profession and family.
As of now, his children are healthy and the family is relishing their lives behind the camera.


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