How to motivate yourself when you are all alone on your way?

change your heart

How to motivate yourself without any inspirational videos or mentors.
There are many curves in our life. And in every curves of life we feel or left alone with our broken heart or failure heart. It is easy to get depressed or de-motivated but the real taste is in to be self-motivated. But keep in mind the real taste of life is only when you put your ass into work. Here are some stuffs which you can make yourself motivate.

Forget everyone who were by your side

We are being hurt for what we hadn’t expected or we are not ready for that shock. It really kills our rest of mind and body so it is better to get contactless with everyone. Here you can have 2 benefits. The first one “you came to know who missed you more or who do care behind you” and the second one is “we can make some serious decision upon your hurt so that this could be more repeated henceforth.”

Start to believe your own decisions.

Yes this is the best thing to control yourself to take wrong steps in bad mood. This is the best thing to do after whatever you had faced. Life is not always bed of roses; we have to face rain and fire. So be positive towards own decisions and blow the dust from your path. Think far before taking any steps.

Make a list of all

Try to remember what the decisions were taken by you and that made your smile. Collect each of them and put it on your paper. Because this is a way how all those geek people do when they stopped their foot for some reasons.

Do what you always want to do

Yes, you read damn true. It is necessary to be calm down and it only comes after you do something crazy which makes your heart fun. Do not leave this things until you get something to be focus on.
Make a plan Now its time to make a plan of yourself how you want to see yourself after 5 years or 10 years. What stuffs could make you different from the crowd. Its only a way to attract people or you can say you will be like glitter in the dark.

Never compare yourself with others

If you are judging yourself with other ass then you are fucking your own ass. If you keep comparing yourself with others then you never going to find what’s wrong with you being different.

Never ever give up.

If you are at examination gate and you are nervous, or if you are tired of your failure project but still do believe it can be something, or if you are sucked up by relations (love, friendship, etc.) then the first thing to put your leg out and close your eye then just think only one sentence “I am the fucking king/Queen, I can do anything if I wishes and I cannot give up because giving up doesn’t suits me.” No one gets their name until they reached beyond their thinking. If Columbus never walked to western side then some one other had replaced him. You only stop when your heart makes sound to stop at a point.


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