Facts about Former Prime Minister Bob hawke.

Bob Hawke, the ex Australian Politician who was the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Labor Party from 1983 to 1991.


Facts about Bob Hawke…

1.What is the full name of Bob Hawke?

Full name: Robert James Lee Hawke

2. When and Where was he born?

Born in December 9,  1929 at Bordertown, South Australia

3. What was the name of his parents?

Arthur Hawke was the father of Bob hawke and his mother name s still unknown in media.

4. Who was the only brother of Bob?

Brother: Neil

5. Who is Bob Hawke married to?

Spouse: Blanhe d’Alpuget (1995-2019) and Hazel Hawke (1956-1995)

6. Who are the sons of Bob Hawke?

Susan Pieters-HawkeRoslyn HawkeStephen HawkeRobert Hawke Jr.

7. What was the education degree of Bob Hawke?

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws in 1952

8. Who was the Prime Minister of Australia before Bob Hawke?

Malcolm Fraser was the Prime Minister after Bob Hawke

9. What is the salary of a Prime Minister of Australia?

The salary of a Prime Minister of Australia is $538,460

10. What was the net worth of Bob Hawke?

There is no fix amount to be estimated but from his wives and his total income as a politician, he had earned               about $10-15 millions on his lifetime.

11. Where was Bob Hawke died?

Bob Hawke died at own his home.

12. How old was Bob Hawke when he died?

Bob was 89 years old when he was found dead at home.


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John Ah Kit shared some words with Guardian Australia that Hawke was a “remarkable man.”

Bob was a legend in his own right, but he had a special relationship with the Katherine region that in some ways transcended, for us, the mere fact of being a prime minister.

Back in ’88, the 200th anniversary of the Invasion, he was more than willing to come to the Barunga Festival in June that year and talk to the land councils at that historical event.

And he listened to us, he was patient and listened to us. He clearly wanted to do something which is why he was happy to sign the Barunga Statement which called for a Treaty. There was no doubt about his genuineness.

As history tells us, of course, he could not muster support in his party at the time to pursue the goal of a Treaty. That’s something we are still waiting for, four decades later.

But it was over the issue of Guratba—the Jawoyn name for Coronation Hill—a time when the mining companies were bashing us at a hundred miles an hour, that he stood firm by the custodians of that country. He believed those old men and refused to back away. He and Gerry Hand pushed for the protection of the Sickness Country of which Guratba was a focus. Guratba was saved.

I heard an interview with him much later when he said that Coronation Hill was the thing that brought him down, but Bob stood by us.

And on his last day in office, he welcomed Jawoyn and other Aboriginal people to the official hanging of the Barunga Statement in Parliament House. To me, that was a symbol of his legacy to us as Aboriginal people.

John Ah Kit later assisted as the first Aboriginal minister, in the Northern Territory Labor government.



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