Ever know Why we celebrate Christmas on 25th December ?

We all do celebrate Christmas on Christmas day but no one knew exactly who was Santa and is that real name of his? It is believe that he was originally from patara near Myra in modern day Turkey, and was born around 280 AD. He was a monk and original name was ST. Nicholas.

The version of Santa has given the current myth its visual form and these most curious traditions. I.e “A merry old man with red and white clothes; Eight flying reindeer, later joined by Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
A home located on or near by the North pole. The habit of filling socks and stockings with presents on the night of Dec24th. by entering into the house through the chimney”.
The song we especially sang in Christmas Time in our modern version of Santa Claus comes from the Christmas poem A visit from St. Nicholas by Clement C Moore. which was written specially for Children in 1823 AD, but that family poem later published.


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