Doraemon is back in real life..Don’t you believe me ?

Babysitter robot ‘iPal’ for lonely children and their best friend too.

ipal with baby
The ‘ipal’ reveled among a slew of new tech unveiled at the Electronics Show Asia I Shanghai on last week of June. It speaks two languages and give math science lessons as well. iPal is going to be best friends of children because it talks with children through tablet screen on its chest and also tells bedtime stories. iPal is the best babysitter which every parent requires.
“The idea behind this robot is to be a companion for children,” said Tingyu Huang, co-founder of AvatarMind Robot Technology.

What are the extra features of this robot and what is its price?

iPal the humanoid device stands as tall as five years old Chinese child which can dance on wheels and sing a song and it also reacts through human facial expressions. Parents can also remotely talk with iPal which is also linked with smartphone app which allow them to see and hear everything when iPal talks with their kids. It is a bit costly in price of 9000 yuan ($1,400).

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