Darlene Rodriguez’s Salary, Family, Married, Divorce

Darlene Rodriguez’s family life

Darlene belongs to the list of celebrities, who are very private about their age.

Darlene was raised in a family of Puerto Rican ancestry. They were the ones who supported her in times of need and showed her anything could be possible if there were determination and enough hard work.





Darlene Rodriguez went to the University of Miami in the year 1992 and graduated in broadcast journalism and political science. 
Even during her college days, Darlene found herself playing an instrumental role in creating local cable news programs that focused solely on cross-cultural cuisines.



How is Darlene Rodriguez’s Career

Darlene has a long list of past works and experiences. Darlene Rodriguez’s career was as a reporter for WNBC.
While working as a reporter, Darlene didn’t miss to work as a fill-in news reader for Ann Curry and also worked with Natalie Morales.



Darlene Rodriguez’s salary, net-worth.

In addition to this, she also worked with WCBS as a general assignment reporter. Not only that much, but Darlene also went on to work with Bronx Net as a reporter.
As an anchor of NBC, Darlene Rodriguez’s salary of 75K dollars. Her net-worth of $8 million says it all about how successful her career has been for her.





Darlene Rodriguez is married. Who is Darlene’s husband?

Darlene is married to David Rodriguez and lives happily.
Darlene Rodriguez’s husband David, is a former police sergeant who has been a constant support in Darlene’s life for such a long time.






Darlene Rodriguez married life and children.

Their love life has been more valuable with the presence of two children, a son, David Jake and a daughter, Natalia.
But Darlene’s love life with her husband could not do that well back in 2008 as David was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.
As per my post on 27 September 2008, David misused his police badge to get physical with the girl who was surprisingly not the first time.

This accusation could have caused a separation between the couple and caused them to sign the divorce file against each other. But Darlene stood up for her husband and supported him with all her heart.


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