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Cyntoia Denise Brown is a American citizen, victim of sex trafficking, a convicted murderer of her client, Johnny Mitchell Allen, who paid her for the sexual encounter. Cyntoia was just 16 years old teen when it happened. She was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam announced her clemency after the age of 31. A documentary film about her story, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s story, Produced and directed by Daniel H Birman, was released in March 2011.



Cyntoia Brown Bio, parents, education, childhood, father

Cyntoia was born on 29 January 1988 as Cyntoia Denise Brown to her biological mother Georgina Mitchell, who was a heavy drinker and it is believed that she also had dated so many men before Cyntoia born. Her father name is still unknown. Unable to care her infant daughter, her mother placed her infant daughter for adoption.

When Cyntoia was age two, she was adopted by a couple of Thomas Brown as adoptive father and Ellentte Brown as a foster mother. The couple was believed as rich, but Cyntoia ran away from their house when she turned to age 16. She met a man named Garion McGlothen Jarvis at an Intown Suites. The name Kut-Throat or Kut knew him in the streets. She started to live with a man named Jarvis. Cyntoia reported that she was forced to sex-trafficking while she was still a teen. He became Brown’s pimp. She started making money and supporting Jarvis and herself through involuntary prostitution at her teenage. Jarvis reportedly threatened, beat and raped Brown numerous times.

Cyntoia Brown
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The information of her school is still yet to surface out. There is no clue on media about Cyntoia’s schooling. Cyntoia was just 16 when she ran away from school, but  associate degree from Lipscomb University, Dec. 18, 2015.

Cyntoia Brown’s Journey to Jail

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Cyntoia Brown met a 43-year old Johnny Mitchell Allen in the parking lot of a Sonic Drive-In on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville, Tennessee on the night of 5 August 2004. Allen was a real estate broker, and a US Army veteran and the area is a known red-light district. Brown reportedly agreed to have sexual intercourse with Allen for $150. After the deal, they ordered dinner and drove to his home on Mossdale Road. At his house, Brown shot Allen in the back of the head with her 40-caliber handgun. Brown then fled from there in Allen’s Ford-150 taking his wallet and two of his firearms. Brown was arrested and later charged with one count of premeditated murder, one count of death, and one count of aggravated robbery. She was only 16-years old then but was tried as an adult. Brown never denied shooting Allen but admitted to stealing his cash and firearms. In an interview, she denied that she was a prostitute and also denied having sex with Allen. However, she claimed that she shot him in self-defense. She stated Allen tried to reach the firearm as they two lay in bed and she shot him with her gun in defense. Investigators believed that Allen might have been asleep when was shot based on the position in which his body was discovered. This fact credited the prosecution’s argument that the act was a homicide motivated by Brown’s intent to rob Allen.


Cyntoia Brown Life Sentence…

Ultimately, Cyntoia Brown was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 51 years to life in prison. She served her sentence at the Tennessee Prison for Women, which is a maximum security detention facility in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee Supreme Court proceeded a ruling on Cyntoia Brown’s case on 6 December 2018 stating that she would be suitable for parole after completing 51 years.



Cyntoia Brown Mercy

Bill Haslam, Tennessee Gov. announced on 7 January 2019 that he was commuting Cyntoia Brown’s sentence of life in prison to 15 years and providing mercy with ten years of supervised parole starting on 7 August 2019, the date she will be released. By August 2019, she will have served 15 years in prison. “Gov. Haslam stated that his decision to provide clemency came “after careful consideration of what is a tragic and complex case.

” He further stated, “imposing a life sentence on a juvenile that would require her to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible for parole consideration is too harsh”.


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