Xi Ping and Vladimir Putin agreed between Russia and China for military and trade co-operation.

Chinese President X. Ping has praised Russian counterpart Vladimir

Putin as ‘close friend’. During Moscow’s meeting, Moscow and Putin

agreed between Russia and China for military and trade cooperation.

“In the past 6 years, we have met about 30 times. Most recently I

visited Russia. President Putin is my closest friend and colleague,

“said Xi during a press conference held in Russian capital Moscow.

He told that Putin was a friend of friendship. Russian President

Putin expressed happiness on the ‘bilateral relations reached an

unprecedented level’.

Chinese President said,” Putin is my best friend.

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<p>Putin as 'close friend'. During Moscow's meeting, Moscow and Putin </p>
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<p>agreed between Russia and China for military and trade cooperation.</p>
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He said, “It is global partnership and strategic cooperation.”, said Chinese President.

Xi’s three days focus on Russia tour trade and bilateral relations.

Two sides have signed various trade agreements. Russia’s visit to

Russia is very meaningfully seen during the trade war between China

and the US. It is estimated that Russia and America have been

isolated from the West, including economic and military cooperation

between China and China.

Xi's three days focus on Russia tour trade and bilateral relations.

Trade has also increased due to the partnership of the two countries.

According to the Russian President’s Office Kremlin, trade in the

year 2018 increased by 25 percent to $ 108 billion. During the visit

to Cico, both countries have expressed commitment to increase

military and economic cooperation in the future.

The relationship between the two countries has deteriorated after the

President of the US President Donald Trump, after authorizing ‘strict

trade policy to China,’ for the national economic interest. Despite

the talks of various stages for trade dispute resolution, the United

States and China have increased tax rates from imported goods from

one another.

Chinese Telecommunications Company MTS expands network with Huawei 5G in Russia

Similarly, after the conflict between Ukraine and other Western

countries, Russia has been improving relations with China and the

eastern nation. After Russia interrupted Ukraine 5 years ago, its

relationship with western countries has deteriorated. Russia’s

western countries have criticized Syrian President Bashir al-Assad in

support of financial and military cooperation in 2015.

Similarly, Chinese Telecommunications Company MTS will expand the

network with Huawei 5G. The US has banned the Haqqani network

from collaborating with national institutions due to national


According to the BBC, Xi’s visit did not only talk about defense

and trade, China has also practiced its “Panda diplomacy”. Because

during the visit, Chinese President Xi Ping handed over two pandas to

Zoo in Moscow.

Source: Kantipur News


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