BB 24 host Julie Chen’s Net Worth/Salary, husband/ children

Julie Chen Moonves Net Worth: Julie Chen Moonves is a host of the CBS reality TV series Big Brother 24. Moonves is a TV personality and journalist who has worked in the media industry for a long time. She is a well-known host of Big Brother (2000-present).

She is the wife of former CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves and shares a huge net worth with her wealthiest husband. Let’s explore her net worth/assets, salary, and personal life.

Julie Chen Moonves Net Worth/Salary

Julie Chen, a famous TV journalist and BB host, has been ruling the CBS BB since 2000. She earns huge amounts of money from her career. Moonves is often considered one of the richest TV hosts in the American media industry. According to celebrity net worth, Moonves’ estimated net worth is $30 million.

Julie Chen moonves
Big brother host Julie Chen Moonves, source: Vanity Fair

Her one-episode fee is equivalent to BB 24 champion prize money. Likewise, she charges a $3 million salary to host one season, and if we break into per episode, she rakes $750,000 approximately from BB, Page six reports. She also owns many expensive cars.

Julie Chen Moonves’ husband, Les Moonves Net Worth/Real Estate

Julie Chen is the wife of former CBS chairperson Les Moonves, with a considerable net worth of $400 million. He reportedly made $650 million alone from CBS.

Les and Julie also own several properties and real estate. The media mogul and his wife live in a 10,000-square-foot villa in Beverly Hills, which they bought for $14 million in 2006.

The mansion reportedly features a $500,000 screening room paid for by CBS. Apart from this, they purchased a lavish home in Malibu from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for $28 million. Julie and her husband also have an apartment in New York worth $10 million. Besides, she owns a condo in Pacific Palisades in the Los Angeles area.

According to a source, Les Moonves’ net worth was $700 million during his CBS tenure. Les Moonves made $70 million every year from the peak of his career.

He stepped from the executive board in 2018 after getting multiple sexual assaults. Moreover, the couple also holds shares in various companies, contributing to their net worth.

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Who is Julie Chen Moonves’ husband, Les Moonves?

Les Moonves is an American TV personality and businessman. He served as the chairperson and CEO of CBS Corporation from 2004 until he left in 2018. Moonves then wanted to become an actor and joined Neighborhood Playhouse acting school in New York in 1971.

Les then produced and played in several stage plays after his acting education. He then made a few appearances in TV programs like Six Million Dollar Man, Cannon, and Barbary Coast. After working in the TV sector for many years, he became a part of the film production department at Columbia Records.

Julie Chen with her husband
Julie Chen and her husband, source: the New York Post

And in 1991, the company was acquired by Warner Bros co., which retained him as the president of the company. While he was there, he developed the show Friends and ER.

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In 1995, he left the company and joined CBS entertainment. After two years, he became the chairperson of the corporation. He finally became the CEO of CBS Entertainment in 2003. In 2013, Les Moonves was awarded the TV hall of fame award. He worked at CBS until 2018.

Les Moonves’ Sexual Misconduct Controversy

Moonves was at the peak of his career and doing a fantastic job. However, in 2018, he faced sexual assault and harassment allegations from his multiple former female employees. CBS fired him and withheld all financial exit packages pending an investigation into the charges.

Initially, he had $180 million remaining in CBS per contract, but both parties agreed to use $20 million from his fund to donate to the #Meetoo movement. However, later CBS said they would not pay the remaining amount as he violated contract terms and investigators found his allegations were true.

In June 2019, a columnist E. Jean Carroll wrote in New York Times that Moonves assaulted her in the mid-1990s after she interviewed him for a story. However, he denied the allegation.

On May 14, 2021, CBS and Moonves agreed to settle their conflict, and CBS was ready to pay his $120 million compensation to him.

As of writing this article, CBS has not paid his remaining compensation worth $120 million.

After his termination, his wife, Julie Chen, said she was with her husband and would add his last name to her identity. Before that, her name was only Julie Chen, but from that point, she has been considered Julie Chen Moonves.

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Julie Chen and Les Moonves’ Children

Julie Chen is the second wife of Les Moonves. He was previously married to Nancy Weidenfeld from 1978 to 2004. He and Nancy divorced due to an extramarital affair with Julie. The couple welcomed three children together.

Julie and Les married in Acapulco, Mexico, in 2004, and they welcomed their son Charlie on September 24, 2009. She also takes care of Les’ three children from his first wife.

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