Who is BB Matt Turner? His Mr. Beast Controversy, Engagement/Net Worth

Matthew Turner is a creative artist and influencer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Turner is currently staying in Big Brother (BB) House with nine other fellow contenders of BB 24. This young influencer once faced controversy with his former boss Mr. Beast- a famous YouTuber.

Let’s get details on his Big Brother journey, Mr. Beast Controversy, and many more here.

He documents his life and shares it via his YouTube Vlog. Further, he owns a thrift store and sells creative rugs made in his art studio.

Matthew Turner’s Big Brother Journey

Social media Influencer Matt Turner is a cast of the CBS reality show Big Brother 24. Matt Turner has made himself safe to date. The show has already completed the sixth episode, and the seventh episode is on the way. Turner became a House of Household (HOH) of week three after evicting Ameerah Jones. He was saved by housemates and evicted Jones. During her exit, Jones feels betrayed by her alliance members.

Matthew Turner Big Brother
BB 24 contestant Matthew Turner, source: TV show Ace

His Big Brother Journey is not easy. Matt has faced many ups and downs in BB; initially, when CBS revealed the casts of the new series, he faced backlash from BB fans. Immediately, his older sister Holly Turner shared her pitiful experience with him that happened earlier.

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Holly Turner’s Series of Controversial Tweets

A few hours after the cast reveal, Turner was dragged through Twitter allegations made by his sister. She posted a series of tweets that indicates her younger brother bullied her for a long time. Dolly also accused Turner of influencing their mother into evicting her from their family home when Holly was jobless in 2020.

Likewise, she further mentioned due to his bullying behavior; she went into severe depression and anxiety. 

After her series of hate tweets regarding him, Many BB viewers got angry with him and demanded his dismissal from the BB24. They even said they would stop to watch the show if the team didn’t replace him.

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In response, he did defend himself, and neither CBS team did support the controversy. But, still, many BB viewers believe that he is one of the most racist people in the house.

Matthew Turner and Mr. Beast Controversy Explained

Matt Turner used to work as an editor for YouTube superstar Mr. Beast previously. Jimmy Donaldson, who is popularly known as Mr. Beast, hired him to edit his YouTube videos in 2018-19. But, this controversy came in May 2021 when Turner revealed Mr. Beast maltreated him.

He added that Mr. Beast never gave him credit for contributing to relevant content, even when asked. And when Matt shared his experiences of working with him. He then received massive hate from Mr. Beast’s fans, and even some sent death threats to him.

Contradictory, earlier, Matt released a video talking about his job experience in a much better light. It was a mutual agreement between them to split the partnership, and he was going to college. Turner also wanted to travel to Asia and thought of shifting to Los Angeles. Matt also received his apartment rent from his former boss for some time.

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Which made fans completely confused, and even he later deleted all the misunderstood things between him and Mr. Beast.

This controversy again got public attention on the opening day of BB 24, when his sister posted a series of backlash tweets regarding him, including Mr. Beast and his brother’s controversy. She mentioned on her Twitter the same day she claimed to be a victim of his behavior.

According to her, leaving Mr. Beast was his choice to start his channel, and he blamed Beast for popularity and getting public attention, making fans lie about this truth.

Matt Turner Quick Facts

Full NameMatthew Turner
ProfessionArtist/Entrepreneur/Content Creator
Date of Birth21 May 1998
HometownAttleborough, Massachusetts
GirlfriendMegan Belmonte
Biceps size12″
Chest size40″
InstagramMatt Turner

Who is Matt Turner Girlfriend? Is he engaged now?

Yes! BB fame Matt Turner is dating his thrift store co-founder Megan Belmonte. The couple has been in living together for a long time. They also live together and seem happy with each other. The pair travel and vlog together. Together they look like a cute couple.

Megan is cheering him when he was on BB from her home. She already wished good luck in winning the title. According to his YouTube Vlog and Instagram posts, Matt and his girlfriend Megan lived in a van for several years.

People who live this way are practically called van life. Throughout his van life, he was together with his girlfriend Megan.

Currently, the couple move one step ahead in their relationship. Yes!!! Matthew Turner is engaged to his girlfriend Megan.

In an Instagram post, Turner announced the happy news that he proposed his girlfriend Megan in Burlington, Vermont, and she accepted her proposal. The 23-year-old included a photo of himself down on one knee and presenting Megan with an engagement ring. He captioned it, “You and me till the end. *she said yes by the way* I love you @megan_belmonte.” In an Instagram story, Turner revealed that he informed his fellow Big Brother 24 houseguests about the engagement before he proposed. He wrote, the “only people I texted right before of course was the BB Group chat.” He posted screenshots of the texts, which began with him writing, “Proposing in T – 2 minutes lol.”

Matthew Turner proposing her girlfriend Megan Belmonte
Matthew Turner proposing her girlfriend Megan Belmonte
Image Credit- Matt Turner insta

How Much Net Worth does Matthew Turner Have?

A creative person with multiple revenue earners makes good money from his job. He earns money from YouTube, Instagram, online rug stores, and brand deals. His ex-employer, YouTuber Mr. Beast, had influenced him to live a luxurious life.

According to sources, Turner’s net estimated net worth is $200,000 to $300,000, whereas his ex-boss, Mr. Beast, has a fortunate net worth of $54 million.

This Rug sellers also have a brand-new Tesla car worth $45,000. Apart from this, he owns a Van which costs above $5000. Turner’s net worth will grow in the future if his YouTube community grows or if he gets future TV shows.

Matthew Turner Family, Career, and Instagram

Matthew Turner was born on 21 May 1998 in Attleborough, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Boston with his girlfriend. From his early teenage times, Turner used to explore his career in creativity. Turner hardly talks about his parents on his Vlogs or Instagram. We only know he has an older sister named Holly Turner, who accused him of awful things.

Turner is a creative person who makes rugs from homemade stuff and sells them online, even offline. He also allows other local artists to sell their products in the Bridgewater area. Turner’s customized rugs and handmade crafts are unique and are available at reasonable prices.

Matt is also fond of travel and has traveled to different parts of the world, especially Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and China to date.

Turner’s Instagram is about his craft, van life, and travel pictures. Apart from this, he is also a good photographer who captures mesmerizing photos.

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