Who is Kenya’s New President? William Ruto’s wife/second wife, Children, Net Worth-Biography

William Ruto wife/news- Kenya’s current Deputy President, William Ruto, was elected as the country’s new president. Ruto won the presidential election defeating Raila Odinga- former Kenyan Prime minister and veteran leader of opposition party Azimio La Umoja. Ruto will be considered the fifth president of Kenya since independence.

William Ruto: The New President of Kenya

William Ruto’s party, the first Kenya Coalition, has its majority seat in the Kenyan senate. He won with nearly 51% votes against Odinga, who was contesting his fifth election. The Kenyan electoral Commission announced the result on Monday, 15 August 2022.

William Ruto Kenya President
William Ruto in his presidential campaign, source: BBC

After winning the seat in his first attempt, Ruto credited his success to all his people. After winning the election, he held a press conference and thanked all his supporters and well-wishers.

Following the result announcement, his supporters celebrated his victory in the capital Nairobi and other major cities. In contrast, the opposition party’s supporters protested against him and the election commission. CNN Kenya reports that they were seen protesting against him in Kisumu, another large city in Kenya.

Earlier Monday, the country’s electoral Commission split after four officials disagreed with the Commission’s chair, Wafula Chebukati’s results. And his rival Odinga’s coalition also rejected the election result, which caused two hours delay in announcing the final result. Despite the dispute, Ruto became the country’s new president, and he will succeed current president Uhuru Kenyatta in the presidential office.

Who is William Ruto, the new President of Kenya?

William Ruto is the current Kenyan deputy president and strong leader of the first Kenya Coalition party. He has been serving as the Kenyan deputy president since 2013. He has now become the nation’s president after the current president’s term ends soon.

Ruto has a long political history in the Kenyan political movement. His political career started in 1992 with the YK’92 campaign. From 1998 to 2013, he was a member of Parliament and served in several positions, including Minister of Agriculture, Home Affairs, and Higher Education. Ruto began his career as a teacher after graduating from the University of Nairobi in 1990.

During his MP and Deputy Presidential tenure, he has visited and met world-renowned politicians, including former US State Security Hillary Clinton and Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi.

Ruto has a long history in the Kenyan political movement; he also faced some allegations in the past, including corruption, land grabbing, Jacob Juma’s assassination, and International criminal summons. However, he denied the allegations.

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Who is William Ruto Wife, Children?

William Ruto is a married man. He has been married to Kenyan educator Rachel Ruto since 1991. The pair first lived in Dagoretti South and welcomed their first child, Nick Ruto. Together, Ruto and his wife have six children.

His eldest daughter, Jane Ruto, married in 2021. Ruto’s wife Rachel fully supports her husband and actively participates in his campaigns and events. She is an educator by profession but has now become Kenya’s, first lady.

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Who is William Ruto’s Second Wife, Prisca Chemutai?

Ruto had a secret marital affair with Prisca Chemutai from 2015-2017. He also shared a daughter ‘Abby’ with her in 2006. Later, when it became a public affair, Ruto accepted the fact and said he had supported her financially and educated his daughter. Moreover, his wife did not comment on anything regarding this issue.

Prisca Chemutai is often called Ruto’s second wife. However, they never married. In 2022, Abby will complete her higher education and prepare for her University education.

William Ruto’s Net Worth, Forbes, and Assets

President Ruto is one of the top 10 wealthiest people in Kenya, Forbes reports. According to Forbes Magazine, his estimated net worth is $400 million. He has earned a massive amount from multiple sources, including his political career, political farming, and other business.

He owns several largest area plots in different parts of Kenya. Ruto’s investment portfolio also encompasses an Insurance company, Media Max Limited, and the Hospitality industry. He also has some luxurious materials; Lexus LX 570, Range Rover, and a luxurious Swiss watch.

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