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Nancy Pelosi’s Biography: Nancy Pelosi is an American democrat who currently serves as the speaker of the US House of Representatives. She is the first woman to serve in this position in the history of US politics. She is a married woman who has five children with her husband. Read more about Pelosi here.

What Is Nancy Pelosi’s Net Worth and Earning Sources?

American politician Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest politicians in Washington. She and her businessman husband’s cumulative net worth is $120 million. Her house speaker salary is $210,000 per annum.

However, their net worth depends on the value of stocks, real estate assets, and other private investments.  Her husband Paul Pelosi is a renowned businessperson who owns multiple businesses such as Financial Leasing services, venture capital firms, and commercial buildings. They also own a private jet.

Pelosi also traded over $33 million in tech stocks of the top companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. In 2021, she was considered one of the wealthiest congresses in America. Pelosi couple lives in a lavish home in pacific heights, California. They also have a vineyard worth $5 million in Napa Valley.

Nancy Pelosi’s Married Life

Nancy D’Alesandro met her current husband while she was attending college. This couple was in a romantic affair for a few years. They wed in a large ceremony held at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, Baltimore, in September 1963.

Nancy Pelosi biography
Nancy and her husband Paul Pelosi, source: NewYork Post

They are one of the longest-running couples in American political history. Five years later, they moved to San Francisco from Baltimore. Nancy and her husband Paul have five children and nine grandchildren from their one son and four daughters. They all are working professionals who are in their fifties now. Furthermore, this congress couple has been married for six decades now.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s Five Children

Their eldest daughter Nancy Corinne Pelosi was born in 1964. She is the wife of businessman Theodore Jeffrey Prowda and mainly stays out of public. Their second-youngest daughter Christine Pelosi is a Democratic Party-political strategist. Pelosi is married to Emmy-nominated filmmaker Peter Kaufman.

Likewise, their third daughter Jacqueline Pelosi, born in 1968, is also a married woman. She is married to art studio owner Michael Keneally in San Francisco.

Nancy and Paul with their young children in the 1970s, source: Baltimore Sun

Their son Paul Pelosi Jr. was born in 1969, who is also a businessman and investor like his father. He is also linked to some fraud and bribery schemes but has never been charged with related acts. Their youngest child and fourth daughter Alexandra Pelosi is an Emmy-nominated journalist and filmmaker. She works for reputed media houses.

Nancy Pelosi’s Political Career

This American female politician started her political career in 1987 when she won a special election. She won the election after her name was recommended by then US speaker Sala Buron. Since then, she is in politics. She has won 16 elections from the seat to date.

Pelosi has represented San Francisco, California’s 12th District in Congress for 35 years. During her tenure with the US House of Representatives, she has worked with three US presidents, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She previously served in the office from 2007 to 2011. And she regained her position in January 2019 when she won the election. Nancy Pelosi is the first woman in political history to become a US House speaker for the fourth time.

On 2 August 2022, she visited Taiwan to support them for their freedom and democracy against China which made Chinese Communist Party (CCP) angry. Because China controls Taiwan and takes it as its own territory.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Early Life, Age, Education, Family

Nancy Pelosi was born as Nancy D’Alesandro on 26 March 1940, in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born to a Congressman family whose father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. had served as a Mayor of Baltimore for 12 years. Her brother Thomas also became Mayor of Baltimore later. She was interested in politics at a very young age and also her family inspired her to join it.

Pelosi did her early education at a private school in Baltimore. Then, she graduated in political studies from Trinity College in Washington DC in 1962 where she met her future husband Paul Pelosi. She is an 82-year-old lady who stays fit and active every day.

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