Who will be the winner of Big Brother 24? final four confirmed after the week 10 eviction

Big Brother is one of the most popular reality competition show of the United States. But it has viewers from around the world. Its first season launched in the year 2000 and Eddie McGee was the winner of the game. Now, the season was in 24 seasons and gain immense popularity due to the twists and turns of the show. Here we’ll talk about who is left in “Big Brother 24 and who has a winning probability after the week 10 eviction.

Big Brother Season 24 and the house guests

Big Brother 24 is the twenty-fourth season of the American reality television program that premiered on July 6, 2022. The reality program was hosted by an American television personality news anchor and producer for CBS Julie Chen Moonves. The season has been doing good and the final is to be scheduled on September 25, 2022.

House guests of Big Brother 24

The house guests were (only final 4 on the show) Brittany Hoopes, Matthew “Turner” Turner, Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale (final four)

Alyssa Snider, Kyle Capener, Jasmine Davis, Indiana “Indy” Santos, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Ameerah Jones, Paloma Aguilar (evicted)

Big Brother 24 final 5 contenders
Big Brother 24 final 5 contenders

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The final four of the Big Brother 24

The long-running CBS show has lots of twists and turns and after the eviction of other contestants only four contestant remains on the show Brittany Hoopes, Matthew “Turner” Turner, Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale.

Now the race to the $750,000 grand prize is nearing the finish line with only four Houseguests left competing for the season’s top prize.

10th week of Big Brother-who left the show through eviction?

Alyssa Snider who works as a Marketing Representative in Florida was evicted during the 10th week of the show. She has been evicted by the deciding votes of Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale and Matthew “Turner” Turner.

The vote ended in a tie for the first time this season, with Brittany voting to evict Taylor and Turner voting to evict Alyssa Snider.

Monte Taylor, who normally does not get a vote as head of household, got to choose who left and chose to evict Alyssa.

During the exit interviews with BB 24 host Julie Chen Moves, Alyssa talked about her romance with Kyle Capner. Furthermore, she also revealed who will be the best for final 2

“I hope that Brittany and Taylor make it to those final two seats. I am p***ed at Turner. I think Monte’s great, I haven’t worked close with him. But I would love to see two women in those final two seats. I’m pushing for them.”

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