Five Protesters were killed in the anti-UN Movement in Goma of Congo Today

On 25 July 2022, hundreds of protesters blocked roads and chanted hostile slogans before storming the United Nations peacekeeping mission’s headquarters in the main city of Congo, Goma. Protesters broke windows and stole valuables by demanding MONUSCO should leave their country. Meanwhile, UN staffs were airlifted by helicopter from the premises and security forces fired teargas at protesters to stop them.

According to the government,

“We will come back during the day with [a special briefing] on to be drawn. We will also take stock of the process of withdrawing the @MONUSCO that has already begun”

The spokesperson also added that the government will publish a special brief later on “the human and material toll as well as the consequences.”

The Congolese people have criticized the UN peacekeeping mission in DRC for being unable to manage torn east conflict. There are more than 120 armed groups traveling where civilian massacres are common. Due to this civil war, millions of people have been affected to date.

Congo protest
Protesters broke windows and burned valuables, while helicopters airlifted UN staff from the premises. Source: ndtv

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, UN peacekeepers fired tear gas and bullets at a largely peaceful crowd. As a result of this, they killed two and make injured two more. The government also deployed army and police officers at that place who did not fire, as per a Reuters reporter based in Congo.

This protest started when the president of the DRC Senate, Modeste Bahati told supporters in Goma on 15 July that the UN Peacekeeping Mission office should pack its bag, Aljazeera writes.

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MONUSCO has not commented on Today’s protests because their spokesperson could not reach them yet. The UN first sent their observers for inspection purposes in eastern Congo. In 2010, it became the peacekeeping mission MONUSCO. It is one of the world’s biggest peacekeeping operations missions of the United Nations.

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